More Exposure (NO, not that kind!)

When I first started this blog, I made it private, and it was going to be just an online journal of our daily lives. Then last year (?) when I wanted to have a bit more of a message to, or around that time, I decided to go public. Then I decided to do what some of my FB friends are doing, and "sharing" updates on my blog. THEN the other night, I was bored (and I should have been studying, probably!!), and I went to one of my friends' blogs, where she every Friday does a SHOW US YOUR LIFE..I don't know how it works, really, but this one was about adoption, and she mentioned that if you wanted to adopt, etc, that you can add your blog link (or other info) and so I did. Anyway, I have gotten some more views:) I even had one from Australia:) still trying to figure out how to get some more exposure on this blog. I want this to minister to other women (and couples) who cannot have children. It will never be a fancy blog, filled with pictures, and a neat design, with a banner and links (at least not now), My opinion is that I want the TEXT to be a blessing, not the "extras". So, if anyone has any ideas on how to give this more exposure, then please comment! I had a bit of a blah weekend, but will explain more in another post. Am off to have coffee with a friend.


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