New Years Eve Re-Cap

I should be either studying, or in bed, as I have had a long and tiring day, but I realized that I had totally forgotten to blog about NYE.

The days btwn Victoria and my parents were really nice. We just hung out and relaxed. On the 29th, we had a bit of drama:) Mum and the kids were going to come in to watch THE HOBBIT, and invited hubby and I to come along. Since we hadn't watched it while we were in Victoria, we decided to join in. The plan was for them to watch the 1230 showing, and mum and I would watch another movie, as we weren't that into the movie, especially if there were other ones playing. Well, to make a long story short, they were 2 hours late, due to an accident on the highway:( The traffic was stopped, and the hwy was closed for I think nearly 3 hours altogether. They could have gone around a much longer way, but they decided to wait it out. In the meantime, Hubby and I just hung out, waiting for them. We had lunch, we bought coffee, and he bought me some gloves. They ended up making the 230 showing, and mom and i watched THE GUILT TRIP, which is hilarious!

We all left around 5, and got home in one piece! The roads were a bit scary, especially after being on the Coqu (which is a 4 lane hwy), but thankfully, the roads themselves were clear.

WE had a few great days with the family. It was a winter wonderland there (we knew that), and I wished had more time to play in the snow! Oh well, maybe next time. We did feed the sheep, and I got some nice pictures. I had two good visits with mum, two with Aunty Valerie (including one in front of the fireplace, with coffee and snacks). My sister and I went to Clrwtr to have tea, which turned into lunch, and stopped by to see Cady on the way back, only to have more snacks!!

For NYE evening, we went to a party that Aunty Valerie had set up at the church. It was crazy, but fun. We all had a nice supper, followed by games, and snacks then we watched a movie, called THE ULTIMATE GIFT, which is amazing. Ok, maybe not amazing, but it is good.  It is pretty much a Christian movie, and except for one part (a bit violent and scary), it is suitable for pretty much any age.The movie finished right before midnight, and we all sang that annoying NY song..LaLaud-something, cleaned up and went home.

We all slept in the next day. We had a very simple NY dinner, ham, turkey, potatoes, salad, and yams. Best dinner ever. I actually enjoyed helping! Dinner was divine, and we all played Mafia, and then just visited. We ended up leaving the next day, as everyone was beginning to get busy, and hubby wanted to come home. I am glad we did, as we had an extra day to relax:)

We spent some time with A&K, as they were back from TO, and I loved seeing BeBop again:) I missed him SO MUCH!!!

I am just finishing off my first week of school:) I am pretty tired, and I really should get to reading at least, but I am too tired! Oh well..I am trying very hard to relax, and not be busy with other things on wknds. I think I was busy from Dec 4th, to the day I went back to school. I have no idea what I did, but I am sure it involved a lot of Starbucks!! I also had errands to run, and ppl to meet, cause I am very popular like that!

My jaw hurt pretty much the entire time over Christmas, and i went to the doctor yesterday, and he said to just keep an eye on it. My jaw isnt hurting now, but now my bite is off...oh well..can still eat, so I guess there isn;t much of a problem!

My KM article is nearly done...I really like the topic this time.


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