Just a quick update

It doesn't look like I will be writing for our local parenting magazine anymore, since, to be fair, they don't seem to like where my articles are going (again, I don;t mind writing for them, but I was getting a bit sappy..aaannd that is why I write my blog). I emailed the article to my mom and she had to agree with the editor, that it was a bit sad, and awkward. That being said, in general (the writing assignment aside), she clearly doesn't get how I am feeling. It is a tough thing to try to explain to people. NO ONE (unles they dont have kids) understands. There are times when I am ok with not having kids, and there are times where I am really sad about it. I do talk about it a lot (probably more than I should), but who cares? It isnt like I am at home depressed about it. I am going to school, and trying to get a new career going. That doesn't mean I don't wish I had kids (granted, there are times when I am glad I don't have them:)). I am just moving on, and not wallowing in it all the time....but there are times when I am sad...

Ok...enough of the ranting...

This week has seemed really long...thankfully, we are over half way through! I watched two bummer movies lately..one was Siliver LIning Playbook..it had some laughs, but I generally wouldn't recommend it. The second one was last Thursday, and I won tickets through my schools' Student Union. I took along my SIL, and it wasn;t the greatest at all...it could have been a good movie, but there was just too much swearing, and drinking in it...:) Oh well...a free movie is always nice.

I am enjoying my practicum. I can't say too much about it..but I think I wll be really sad when I leave. School is going ok..I am having a hard time getting into the groove, and doing my homework. There isnt a lot of work assigned this semester, but where there is of it, they are big projects!!!

I was really tired last Friday...i think I had a bit of the flu or something...I got home around 3, and I was in bed for pretty much the rest of the night. My arms felt like lead. I was feeling better on Saturday, and I seem to be doing ok now. Saturday, I spent some time with K and BeBop. We got some cards, and wandered around the mall. We all went to the library, and they left, while I stayed to do some studying. That evening, hubby went to the hockey game, and i stayed home and watched Five Year Engagement...again, not the greatest movie, but at least it had a good ending. Sunday, we went to church, then to Costco, then just hung out for the rest of the day. I may or may not have gone to Starbucks that evening. Monday, was school, then I met my friend at Sbux, and studied for a bit. I won't bore you with the rest of my week...it has gone ok, though. Oh yes...not this last Tuesday ,but the one before, our pwr steering went in our car. $350 later, our car is fixed:( So, we are more than a little broke right now. Thankfully, we have my SL:)

Well, I should sign off, as I have to be up early tomorrow.


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