Be Smart...Choose Grace

I wasn't going to blog tonight, because I should be finishing up my KM article (ok, I AM doing that), and getting organized for school tomorrow morning. However, today's sermon was good, and totally spoke to both hubby and I.

As we were leaving for church this morning, I said something to him (probably a bit silly of me), something about his faith and relationship with Jesus. He said he yes (good answer), but still said he had an issue relating to his dyslexia (why would God make or allow him to have it). I didn't say anything, and we went on to church.

This past week, one of our local pastors (not ours) died unexpectidally. I didn't know him well, although I did attend "his" church for a bit before finally settling on the current church I (we) are now. However, I found out today, that our Pastor was very good friends with Pastor Henry. Anyway, the part of why I am talking about this was that our Pastor talked about Grace today. Pastor Henry had also started (or was going to) a series in January on Grace. Through an email our pastor (who was preaching on grace today) got an email from Pastor Henry's church assistant saying that he was going to preach on Grace, and our Pastor took some of his thoughts (well, God's thoughts) on his message today. I just thought that was so interesting..but..I have digressed...

During the msg, our Pastor talked about NOT asking for answers as to why our life is the way it is, but to ask for Grace! It totally hit us!  I was thinking about hubby's statement, but I was also thinking about MY (well, our) circumstances, with not being able to have children. I have asked God MANY times why I was born with so many problems, why I got sick 3 yrs ago, why hubby can't have kids, etc. I ask God why I have to go back to school to get a career, which, let's be honest, I really don't want (I would much rather have babies and stay home, or at least work part time). I sometimes, even though I don't cry about it, wonder and start asking God questions. However, since hearing today's sermon, I am going to try harder to not ask questions, but to choose my life God has given me (us) with Grace.

 Grace is an odd thing..a lot of people have no clue what it is. It has become such a "wordly" word (which is fine), that no one uses the word with reverence anymore. With the sho Will and Grace coming out, I think a lot of people just think of Grace as a name. Grace is essentiall y, getting something that we don`t deserve (free gift). (Just an FYI Mercy is NOT getting something you, fine, etc). Grace as been very understood in the church, and in the general public. People have missconstrewed it, and also abused it. That is so unnecessary, and sad...and certainly not needed. God did not give us Grace, in order for it to be abused, and misused.

However, back to my original thought. I want to challenge us ALL to NOT question God (at least not as much as we used to), and to take what He has given us with Grace. I know there are some of you who have lost babies and members of your family, have children that have terminal diseases.. I don't know what to say to that. You are going through your own journies, and I am not here to judge (another thing that I want to try to do LESS!!, so I don;t say this flippently. I only challenge us to pray each day for the grace and courage for the circumstances that YOU have in YOUR life..however that may be.

Look for my article coming in the KM Magazine for the Feb/March issue.


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