Holidays...Childless MamaStyle.

 I was going to submit this to our local parenting paper, for their next article, but they didnt like where I was going (to be fair, I actually agree with them, but it still hurt a bit), but I think this is a great article, and think people may enjoy reading it:)
Celebrating the Holidays: Childless (Momma) Style:

As I write this, I am knee-deep in chocolate, oranges, cookies, and packing between trips. I trust that you have all had a great Christmas with your family and friends. We went to the Island to see my husband’s sister and her family, and we had a great time!

I thought that for this article I would talk about what it is like to celebrate the holidays-ANY holiday- as a childless  momma. With every holiday that comes around, it makes me more aware that we don’t have children to celebrate it with.  Although Christmas is a large one, it is one of the many holidays that make me a little sad and even more aware that I don’t have children. Therefore, it gave me an idea on what to write about for this issue.

Allow me to explain:

At Christmas time, there are no children to talk about Santa , and to spend hours, standing line watitng to see him. No little one`s eyes that will light up when you put up the tree. You have no real excuse to go into the toy department (unless you are getting gifts for Toys for Tots, or some other Christmas Charity, or you have young children in your life).  There are no little hands to help make Christmas cookies. No little ones to snuggle up with and read the Christmas Story (or any Christmas-themed story))). You don’t get to witness their little eyes full of wonder looking at the tree, gifts, and other holiday traditions.

For Valentine’s Day, there are no little hands to help make any special treats. You don’t get to hand out Valentine’s Day cards to your kids. You don’t get to have themed breakfasts, and make heart –shaped pancakes (ok, you stlll can, but it isn’t quite the same) for breakfast. No flowers, or handmade cards given to you from your kids. Yes, the day is for couples, and we usually have a good day, but again, it isn’t quite the same when you don’t have any little Valentines to share it with.

For Easter, there are no Easter egg hunts, and no fun spring outfits to buy your kids. No fun/themed pictures to have done. There are no Easter egg baskets to put gifts in and give out. No  Easter/Spring-themed goodies to make and be enjoyed by young ones. You don’t have to worry about little ones’ appetites, and them eating their treats between meals (wait, isn’t that ALL the time??).

Don’t even get me started on Mothers/Father’s Day. That is by far the hardest holiday all year. Yes, I have my own mother, and I am so glad that she is in my life,  and there is a part of me that can still enjoy the day, but I still find it very hard. There are no breakfasts in bed, no handmade cards, or gifts given. No one to wish me Happy Mother’s Day, and if they do, I feel even worse.

For Halloween, there are no little costumes to buy or make. There is no excuse to go out trick or treating, and definitely no one’s treats to eat, unless you to go and buy some yourselfJ You don’t really have an excuse to go and decorate your house. You don’t have anyone to help you do a jack-o-lantern, if you even decide to do one at all.


That is just a small glimpse of what a childless parents’ life is like during the holidays and special days of the year when there are no children in your life. So, on the next holiday/special day that comes a long , take a moment to relish those handmade cards, and messy breakfasts in bed done by your kids. Enjoy those extra things you “have” to do, like buying your kids’ outfits, shopping for candy and gifts, and allow them to help you make those cookies that you need to make (or ones that they want to make for themselves!), for those are the times that you or they will not forget, and will last far longer than the holiday itself.


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