Weekend Wrap Up

It's Tuesday!!! I hope your week is going well so far. Mine/ours is going well. I am feeling tired, but what else is new?

Here is my/our wknd:

Friday: An early morning mtng with the teacher. Work, then to the library for a few#s minutes. I saw K and H, and we chatted for a bit. I read magazines, then came home for awhile. We didn't have much supper, as we weren't that hungry. Yes, we are bad for not eating at night. We were treated to the movies by my Aunt and Uncle. The guys watched Rogue One, and we gals watched Hidden Figures. It was amazing! Looooved it! I will be definitely buying that this summer. I usually stay up late Fridays, but I was actually quite tired, so I went to bed around 11:30.

Saturday: I slept in, and relaxed on our bed; playing on my laptop, and I watched Dateline. I actually watched two episodes, and they were both good. I chatted with my mom, and then went to Starbucks, where I read magazines, and had a coffee. Then, I went to the library, and then back home. We were given a turkey around Christmastime, along with some Christmas Dinner items, which we hadn't used up yet. So, just as I was leaving, we put the turkey in, and when I got back, we put the rest of the dinner together. It was REALLY good!!! So, we had dinner and watched Concussion, which was another awesome movie. It really got Anker and I talking, as the movie centres around CTE, and although he doesn't have that, he does have a TBI, etc. It got us talking, which is always a good thing. Then I watched Coal  Miner's Daughter, which I had never watched before. It was a little slow, but good.

Sunday: I ended up staying home, as I slept in again. Then we took the tree and the rest of the decos down. Yes, they were still up.  #sorrynotsorry I am very glad that that got one. We have so much space now! We got rid of the white desk just before we put up the tree, and since we don't have anything there at all now...well, it looks a bit...bare! I did two loads of laundry, then I went for a walk, then I did some devotions, and I read magazines. I then Facebook video called my sister. We talked for an hour or so, and we got caught up on our lives. She will be home is 6 WEEKS!!! I cannot wait!!! I didn't watch TV on Sunday...I listened to music, and read magazines, which was nice.

So, that was our wknd!!! I hope you had a great one as well.


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