Weekend Wrap Up

I haven't done one of these in a while, either. I may link up with Tiffany for tomorrow's link up, but if not, here it is, anyway.

Friday: I had a short meeting at work with the teacher at 8. Worked, and I left work around 3, and I headed to the library. K (my SIL) texted me to see if I wanted to come up for a movie. I said "sure". I left around 4. I went and grabbed something for supper, and we tried out the new chicken place. Ok, it is now Thursday evening..ha! But I am bound and determined to finish this post. Ok, so we tried out Mary Brown's Chicken, and grabbed a few things groceries (I think). The food was good, but kinda pricey. I hung out for a bit, then went up to K's, and we watched a movie. We visited for a bit, and then I came home around 11. I stayed up until 1 am.

Saturday: I decided to get all productive, I did three loads of laundry, hung up two calendars, did dishes, and put some Christmas stuff away. Our tree is still up, but Anker started taking it down today (Jan 19). I listed to Christian music on Stingray, and then went out to grab a few more things from the grocery store. Came home and ate supper, and then watched THE RING, and journalled, and then watched PRETTY WOMAN. I think I stayed up until 1 am then, too.

Sunday: I got ready to leave for church, went to church, helped out with nursery, and then went to Starbucks and read. I went and got my FREE pasta from Bold Pizzeria, and I ended up buying another pasta dish. They were both good, but I loved the Penne. Yum! I relaxed for awhile, and then called my cousin. We talked for an hour. I am not sure what else I did, but then I hosted my first online Steeped Tea party. I had never one before, and I had no idea on how it would go, nor did I know on how it would work. I have been invited to a few online parties of various kinds, but I have never really "attended" them. I loved it, and I will be hosting another one in the future. I finished with that around 9, and watched TV, I think, and then started on Victoria on PBS, but I decided to re-start it the next day, as it was two hours long, and I wasn't really catching most of it. So, that was my wknd. How was yours?

Well, I noticed a day or ago that she did have her link up up, so I thought I would link up this week.


Tiffany C said…
Thanks for sharing our blog hop! This means the world!!! :)

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