Friday, January 20, 2017

Five on Friday

 I actually cannot blv it's Friday already! This last wk went by fast! I had a great week, and I hope you all did, too. Here are some of my faves of the week (not in order).

1. Steeped Tea Party

On Sunday evening, I hosted my first ever (of any kind) online party! B/c our place is small, and I stress about having people over, not to mention that fact that Anker doesn't get out of the house, having an in-house party stresses me out a bit. I know that these online/FB parties are all the rage, and I have even been invited to, well, LOTS (I don't think I have actually really "gone"to one!). Well, I gotta say that I had fun, and that I would definitely do another one. I love that I can shop in my jammies, just chilling out at home. I love a night out with the girls as much as the next gal, but I also love me a night in. Plus, you can invited 100 people! I had gone to a tea party at K's before Christmas, and although I hadn't bought anything, I did love their products. Most everyone who came to my party bought something, so I got a lot of credits, which turn, allowed me to try some of their stuff.

2. Coffee with a Friend/Trying a New (to me) Coffee Shop 
My friend Jill, and I have been trying to get together for MONTHS! Btwn my being a hermit, our living on opposite sides of the city, to her busy life, to my getting sick, Christmas, etc..well, it's been awhile. We FINALLY got together on Wednesday for an hour visit, while her daughter was at gymnastics. I also got to try out PDK Cafe, a place that has been open for just over two years, but, b/c of the location (downtown, pay for parking), and to my forgetting about it, I have never been had the chance to try it yet. It was SO GOOD! Their donuts are fabulous (I even was nice and brought one back to Anker, plus I brought one home for the next day). Their mocha was DELISH! I will be definitely be going back.

3. Victoria on PBS

I am loving this new series! Yes, I do realize that most of these are things that I have previously mentioned. Well, what can I say? Really, what can I say? These are the exciting things happening in my life. Ha! Seriously, though..this is going to be a great series. I am not sure on how many seasons it will air...maybe 10?

4. Winning A Pasta Dish

I won a pasta dish from a local pizza place (not sure why I am having issues with posting links right now). I ended up buying another $8 pasta dish, and they were both really good. Plus, I have found one of the best garlic breads ever! I always love winning things!! I had actually one a few GC's from  them before, but I had never redeemed them, b/c they were only $5 (when a regular dish is usually $20+, you tend to not worry so much about going clear cross town to grab a measly 5 buck GC), but I thought a pasta would be worth it. Plus, I picked it up after church on Sunday. Bold Pizzeria.

5. A Great Week.

I generally had a great week. Anker got some (sort of) unexpected money from PWD, a spent Thursday evening with a friend, the work week went well, and tonight, A and I met up with my aunt and uncle and K, and we went to the movies. The guys saw Star Wars, and we girls saw Hidden Figures. Amazing! Watch it. I also cleaned up my blog layout a bit, and I am deleting some blogs that I no longer follow/inactive blogs. I went out for coffee (alone, of course), had some library time, read magazines, got kicked off of the FMC bloggers group...(true story) was a great week! It really was! Oh, and Anker started taking down the tree this week, and we are having a turkey dinner (just the two of us) tomorrow evening. Or maybe just the turkey. Who knows?

Have a great weekend!

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