Monday, January 16, 2017

A Day in the Life: Janurary 16, 2017

I was re-inspired to do another A Day in the Life Post when I saw/read this post, I saw on April's  blog. I haven't done one in FOREVER, in fact, I can't even remember when I last did one. So, without further goes! And yes, I may or may not have done a few extra things so that I can put it on the blog :)

6:30 am: My phone AND radio alarm wakes me up (did I tell you that I am not a morning person?).
6:45: I sometimes play on my phone in bed, or as I am sitting up ON the bed...this morning, I chkd the weather. It was a balmy -7c this morning! I also text Mom, and wish her a Happy birthday (cause it really is her birthday!)!
7:00-7:30: I get ready for the day; I get my coffee ready. Anker always makes a fresh pot, but I had some left over from yesterday, so I thought I would drink that instead.
I assemble my lunch for today.

I get my breakfast ready (yes, that is waffles in the toaster!)

I eat said breakfast: Blueberry waffles and a banana with a touch of syrup. Yum!!

I play on my laptop; I play on FB, check the blogs, pay a bill, etc.

7:45: I get dressed, and I get my makeup on (I haven't worn make up in ages!), and pack my stuff to go. I am a bit sleepy.

My purse, magazine bag, backpack, and coffee :) I pack a lot of stuff, though I don't always take my backpack. A Monday morning selfie is a must (cause, I have makeup on, yo!!)!

8:00: I start the car. As I am waiting, I check the news
Do a devotion on my Bible App...
...and then I leave.

Did I tell you that I love my 8 minute drive to work?

8:10: I get to work, I say to my friends, put my stuff in my locker....
..change my shoes..and discover that I shouldn't have worn my white socks that day...sigh.
We all have a good laugh about it :)

 I greet the kids in the class, and the teacher.

8:30-9:50: Work.

9:50-10:05: Recess. I have an apple and two small pcs of garlic bread.

I play on my phone, and chat with friends in the staff room.

10:05-11:45: Work

11:45-12:15: Lunch. I forgot to take a picture...but it is what I took a picture of it earlier..pasta that I won from Bold Pizzeria, a yogurt and garlic bread. I play on my phone, and chat with friends.

12:15-2:40: Work.

I started work tired and a tad grumpy, but it continued to get, yay!!!

2:40: I chat with a few of the students' parents, our teacher, a few other people, and I leave early (for me...I usually say until 3 or 3:30 sometimes...mainly to chat).

3:00-3:30: I spend some time at the library. I pick up my holds, and I finish reading a magazine.
3:30-4:00: I do a quick run to the dollar store. I hope to grab a few groceries, and some black socks, but I only find a few food items, but I do find some black socks :)

4:00-5:00: I grab a Hazelnut Latte at Starbucks (cause, you know, to get stars for the States' MLK Long Weekend! #stargoals). I read a magazine, and I text Mom. I wanted to see on how her birthday was going. I also texted her the "turkey challenge" that was going around at Christmas. She fell for it! We banter back and forth for a bit. I tell her that my gift to her is a bunch of magazines (the few that I have bought) that I will give her when I am done. She liked that idea :)

5:00:  Head to the store and grab wieners for dinner. Head home

5:15-6:15: Greet hubby, realise that he has made another batch of Caramel popcorn, do dishes, think about starting dinner,  start a load of laundry, turn on my laptop.

I start playing my Train Station game, peruse Facebook, hammer out an email, check my blog, and quickly go through my reading list (I follow over 200 blogs).

6:15-6:45: I move our laundry over, and eat dinner with Anker, while watching the news. We actually don't eat together very often at night (sad, I know). I usually eat in our room (again, sad, I know). But we need to spend more time together, and this is the easiest thing can do.
We had wieners, beans and Mac N Cheese. I do realize it isn't healthy. We don't have a ton of meat in our house right now.

6:45-7:30: Clean up, do another sink-full of dishes/clean up the kitchen a bit (Anker had swept earlier), and assemble my lunch (only to realize that I have a "hot lunch" Oh well).

7:30-8:45 (current time I am finishing this up): I put a sweater on/in one of the local FB bidding groups, start this blog post, sit down with a bag of popcorn, watch Y&R, bring the laundry in, and relax for the evening. From after I leave work, until bedtime, I check my phone (mostly Facebook, and IG). I am finishing the day by watching JJ.

 Sitting down with my popcorn and Y&R
Bring in my laundry. I was hoping to get started on folding it, but I think I will leave it for tomorrow.
Well, there you have it. Some days, I am NOT productive at all when I come home, but tonight I was, and I actually felt good about it. I hope you have a wonderful week, and Happy MLK Day to all my American Friends.

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