Vancouver Trip, and new job

Last Saturday was the funeral of my friend. It went well (as well as funerals can go, I guess), and the church was nearly full w/ friends and family. Our pastor did a great job, and her husband and several people did tributes, and her daughter sang a song. I don't know why, but I never cried. It really bothered me. I did cry a bit at the end, but that was all. I was very sad, of course, and I am sad because I will never see her or talk to her here on earth. It has really hit our church, especially our pastor and his wife very hard. No one can understand why it happened. It will be a long road for her family, especially her daughters.

We did end up having the "Light the Night" party the previous Sunday at our church. We thought of not doing, b/c of our friend dying, but the girls' dad said that the girls were looking forward to it. We do this every year, to encourage the kids to come to the church instead of trick or treating. I am sure that some kids go out T&T-ing anyway, but at least it's a place for them to come afterwards. I wasn't going to dress up, but I decided to in the end. About half of the people (adults) dressed up. I ended up going as a ladybug. It was fun getting the costume together, but I wish I had more money to a "real" costume..oh well. I bought some black wings, and ended up putting some red glitter glue on them for I guess I wend as a backwards Ladybug:) I am not sure how many kids there were, but it was a fun time. We had candy, and there were fireworks. We rented a bouncy castle, and there were a few stations. It was a fun time.

I know this is going back, but had a couple for supper sometime in mid-October. Her bday is the end of the month, and I wanted to have them over. We had a nice dinner of lamb and steak, and it was a fun evening.

I started my new job October 20. I really like it. It's perfect..the hours, etc. No pressure..just the type of job I like. The money is nice, too. Not a lot extra, but it helps, for sure. I work Mon-Thurs, in the evenings. I already got a raise!! My boss is really good, too. I talked to him today about having time off to go to Vancouver for ongoing medical issues, and he was totally fine with it. I would try to make appts for Fridays, but most Dr's don't see pts on hoo.

Our Vancouver trip was short but sweet. I think we were gone for about 28 hours. I made snacks, so we wouldn't stop for lunch on the way down. After church, we quickly cleaned the dental centre, and then headed off. It was a beautiful day, and the traffic was minimal. Stayed with my cousins, and then the next morning, it was off to the BCHWCH. We were late, but we still were there for about 4 hours! They still don't have a concrete answer of if my body could carry a baby or not. They need to figure out why I got sick in the spring. Each specialist seems to have a different answer. They also stated that women who have cardiac problems that get pregnant can have up a 50% chance of dying...not a lovely number, I know. Also, IF I got pregnant, I would have to move to Vancouver (which I knew, anyway), which could be months, or up to a year. They want me to have another MRI (I had already had it booked), more blood tests, etc. They want to look at me and my body as a whole person, and make sure that I am a good candidate health-wise to even go forward. They also said I have a chromosone issue, in that one of my chromosones only has one "X". They say that it could be fine, but they still have to look into it further. They want me to see an geneticist. That's pretty much all they said. They DID say, however, that IF I got pregnant, it wouldn't be the end of the world (well, one Dr said that). Maybe that sounds kind of oxymoronish, but that is what they all said!! So, in a way, we left feeling a bit discouraged, but in a way, we felt good about it. I also have an appt to see an oncologist for my cyst at the beginning of December. So, we are still a ways away from having babies.

We stopped off at VGH, after having some lunch, to get my medical records from when I was born-2 years, which was really neat to read! I actually started crying when I read it. I just can't believe that I went through all of that. I really should have died at birth, or at least soon after. Dad said that one of my specialists who looked after me said that he had never seen so sick a baby survive. I plan to put all the info (or at least most of it) in to a file-folder, and try to re-organize it a bit. Mom wants to look through it, and I want to photocopy some for some of my specialists.

Our trip home took exactly 4 hours, w/ our stopping at Chiliwack. The weather was ok, but it did snow on the way back. Not a whole lot of traffic, though.

I forgot that I haven't written about seeing my GYNE about my cyst. First of all, he said that it could be a hemaguratic cyst, which means that it is just blood-like. If it is, they don't need to do anything, but just keep an eye on it. I really hope that this is the case. He has referred me to an oncologist, b/c if they have to do surgery, then he wants him (Dr. Ehlin) to do it. Dr. Human said that I should never have had that Laporoscopy back in 1996. Dr. Human doesn't think it's cancer (I have been feeling fine for the most part), but he wants me to see him, just in case.

That's all for now, I guess. I will do Day 2 in 30 days of truth next!!

I should probably post about the weather:) Most of the time, the weather has been lovely. The leaves are pretty much all off the trees, but they are on the ground, which I love to see. No snow yet!! Not really a lot of rain, and the sun has been trying to shine nearly every day.


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