Saturday, March 3, 2018

S'well Bottle (My Review)

*****This is in no way a compensated review. I just wanted to give my own personal review of this product that I have been wondering about for so long*****

For a year (well, maybe less) now, I have been seen all these S'Well Bottles wherever I went, and I wondered what was so good about them. I mean, I can buy a $1 water bottle from the dollar store, or I can use my Tupperware bottle, so why are these so good? Well, I was asking about them in the staff room just after Christmas (because everyone has one...even the kids!), and they said that they are good b/c they keep hot beverages hot for 24 hours, and cold beverages cold for 12 hours. Well, a day or later, one of the teachers gave me one! I didn't use it for awhile, b/c, quite frankly, I forgot about it. I have used it a few times now, and I can say that although I don't LOVE it (more about that in a minute), I am very glad that I have one. First, the PROS: Water really DOES stay cold for hours on end. I haven't used it for hot beverages yet (I think I wills start using it for my hot mocha in the mornings), so I can't really say much about that part of it. I also love it b/c, hello, pretty art on it! And I also love it b/c the lid goes on tight..which means NO water leaks! This actually happened earlier this last week from one of my other WB's that I had...water leaked into some of my stuff in the bag that I was carrying in and out of work. I was not amused. Especially when it somehow got into my med bottle. EEK! Anyway...those are my pros. The CONS: They do not refrigerate well. Meaning, if you put warm/hot water in it, then you put it in the fridge, it will be still be warm the next day. So, you have to actually put in cold water. You can't put in ice cubes very well, as the opening is small. You can't out it in the freezer (not that that would make any difference, as it probably wouldn't freeze, anyway!). All in all, I would give this a 3 out of 5. It may get higher when I use it for hot drinks. I would buy it, but I wouldn't spend the $50 that many stores are asking for it. Maybe $25. 

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