Friday, February 16, 2018

Family Day Weekend Wrap Up

Yes, I am writing about last weekend. Just go with it! I read today that the province of BC will move FD to the third Monday in February. Yay! The rest of Canada celebrates FD (or another holiday) on that day, so it only makes sense to have it line up with that. Also, most of the US celebrate Presidents Day on that day, so it helps with cross-border holidays, shopping, etc. I am very happy! I always wondered why we had on a separate wknd (not that I am complaining..a 3 day wknd is a 3 day wknd...I am always happy when I get an extra day off!) from the rest of Canada/US. Oh yah...for those of you think that the newspaper is dead..think again..I read that in the newspaper...I do read them from time to time :) on to last wknd:

Friday, my friend asked if I could drive her home "up the hill", and she promised me a coffee if I did...and of course, who was I to say no? We went to Starbucks, and we talked for two hours! Then I went to Wal-Mart to grab a few things, and I went to my brother and Sister-in-Laws for the night. They were away for part of last wknd, and I asked if I could stay there. I had a fun time, watching Last Man Standing, eating sushi, and going to bed at a super late hour. Fun!!!

Saturday, I woke up around 10, and I cleaned up, and I came home. I grabbed McD's breakfast for us, and we watched the Olympics. I was home for a few hours, then I went out to the library, and then I grabbed some groceries. I didn't do much on Saturday; I watched TV, and hung out. Very exciting!

Sunday, I went to church, and then visited a friend for an hour or so...then home, and I ran some errands, and I went and hung out with my friend for a couple of of hours. I came home around 9, and I hung out. was super exciting!

Monday: I slept in, and I did a bit of cleaning. I met up with my friend, and we worked out for an hour. I met up with Mom and Dad, who were in town, and we had a few things to give each other. We had a coffee, and then I think I grabbed a few groceries, and then I came home. I think I watched TV and ate dinner.

It was actually a busy weekend; I felt like I got some things done. And I did a lot of relaxing! This week was Valentine's Day and 100 Day at school, so it was busy!

I took my PopTop with Tropical Fruit Punch Tea in on Thursday, as I got another cold. It seemed to help a bit.

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