Saturday, March 3, 2018

Random/Useless Info

Just a few random things before I get into this week's FOF:

I am back into watching Mike and Molly again. It has started to grow on me :) I decided to give on 9-1-1. At least for now. I couldn't get in to it, plus, I didn't have all the episodes, and I don't know where to watch the first few. I might try to pick it up in the summer.

I was very sad to hear of Rev. Billy Graham's passing over a week ago. He was a great man of God, and he has gone to his reward. I grew up watching him on TV, and he had such simple, but powerful sermons. I got a couple of books from the library about him (one that he has written), and I will probably read through them. I think my parents have his autobiography, which I will probably see if I can borrow to look through.

I was having "lady issues" (which I may or may not blog about in the next while), and I went to my doctor, who gave me provera. I had to take a day off over that. Suffice it to say, that I will no longer be needing to buy pads this month!

I got caught up on my shows on Wednesday. I watched The Good Doctor, and This is Us. I still need to watch The Resident and Grey's.

My brother and sister in law posted a new picture of K. Oh my word. She is adorable! Doesn't smile much, mind you. But adorable!

Last Sunday, I went to A and K's, as they were away. I did some laundry, and I watched various episodes of "Full House". Oh man, the memories! (Does anyone else get overwhelmed with all things there is to watch in NF? Between all the movies, series, and documentaries, one can be watching all.the.time!) I did some laundry, and tried to steal their food, but they didn't have much, so I left actually a bit hungry! Ha! It has a fun afternoon/evening.

I got yet ANOTHER cold a week or so ago. I had to take a day off. Between getting 4 million colds, Anker's bad back (he has had it for a week), my lady issues, my hurt knee, two ear infections, etc, I feel like we have been under some sort of spiritual attack. I don't know on how to get out from under it. #thestruggleisreal

My dad had his hip replacement surgery a week or so ago. He is doing quite well, but has a long way of healing to go. Mom and I went for supper twice last week.

I haven't been exercising much lately. Between yet another cold, seeing Dad at/in the hospital, my lady issues (yes, I am using that as an excuse..again), I haven't been able to go. And guess what, I actually kind of missed it! I hope to go either this weekend, or this week.

I went to my friend's birthday party a couple of weeks ago. It was held at a local pub/restaurant in town. The food was really good!!! We went to Kelly O'Bryan's, and I had their Mccracken Rolls and their Yorkies. I wasn't a huge fan of the Yorkies, which is odd, since I love Yorkshire pudding, but I would probably get them again (just by themselves). They were YP's with beef and au jus. The Rolls had cream cheese crab, I think. Yum!

Mom and I went to Denny's a couple of times last week. I had the Salmon Skillet one day (I didn't take a picture), and we shared the blueberry Hushpuppies! Yum!

I have decided to dial down my Tupperware business. As in, I will continue to do what I am doing now. Ha! I just don't have the time, energy, nor money to it the way that it should be done. I will try to be in it for myself and if friends and family want to order from me, great...but I don't think I will do much with it.

Why is Amazing Race on 4 nights a week this season? It is annoying! I don't have time watch it that much during the week. I don't seem to be as invested in the last few seasons I was when I first started watching. I find it to be the same stuff over and over again each season.

I need a new phone. It will often take FOREVER to charge, and the battery just drains! I don't want to get a new phone, but I think the time will happen soon.

I downloaded the Shoppers/PC Optimum app, and so far, I love it. It combines two big Canadian Stores (Loblaws, and Shoppers Drug Mart...Loblaws includes Superstores, Independent Grocers, and Sobeys..and Loblaws bought Shoppers a year or so ago). I had downloaded SDM Optimum awhile back, and I didn't like it, so I deleted it. I thought I would try it, and I really like it. I do not, however, like Zedge. It totally changed! It used to send things right to my phone, but not I have to create an account...and it stores everything in some far-off file! IG is also being weird. I will follow someone, and then it will show that I haven't followed them. I think I may have uninstall and reinstall it. I also deleted a few apps that I was no longer using. Do any of you do that? I also get tired of seeing the same apps on my phone, and I need a change.

I can't be bothered to do any major cleaning. I keep up with the dishes and laundry, and clutter, but beyond that, I just can't be bothered. We did, however, do a bit of cleaning today. Yay!

A couple of weeks ago, I went to A and K's church. Then I went over to my friend Jill's house for brunch, and then back to A and K's. Her mum was there, so we all had a nice visit. I went to Wal-Mart on my way home. I times.

Though I was going pretty well with not eating/snacking out much, I/we have been doing it a bit more lately. I went to Starbucks a few times as well. I did, however, enjoy just relaxing and reading there, as I hadn't done that in Starbucks in awhile. I will say that I have a few bucks in our savings account...yay! Go us!

Yah, I had a bit too much fun at Starbucks. I tried their Snickerdoodle hot Chocolate, and I wasn't a fan. I think next time, I would have it less sweet.
                     I love their Morning Bun (formerly called their Cinnamon Brioche Bun)!

I watched my first movie (other than the Hallmark ones that I watch on TV) in AGES the other week. It was Battle of the Sexes. It was was odd seeing Steve Carrell play such a jerk! I definitely got some insight into the world of sports (esp women). I haven't been watching a ton of movies lately, I did try to watch one the other day, but it is so horrid, that I turned it off (for me to not finish a movie is know it is boring or awful when I say that I didn't finish it). Anker watched Hidden Figures other day. We had been wanting to watch it together, and we never got around to it. He saw in NF, so he watched it. He really liked it. I will often put movies on when I fall asleep at night. I tried putting NF on, but there must be something in the laptop system that only lets it play for awhile, then it says that it can't play back (not the usual "are you still watching this?".....I know that is normal) Do people still watch movies on YT? I will sometimes watching movies (usually Hallmark) on YT. They are fun. I will sometimes put on worship music as well.

Are any of you going to watch THE OSCARS tomorrow. That is the only awards show that I watch now. I will probably watch it (or most of it) tomorrow night.

In true Canadian Fashion, it snowed AGAIN last weekend, and the weekend before. Awesome! NOT!  We are SO done with the snow.

I was very happy on how Canada did at the Olympics. Even though the men nor women won the hockey, nor did we win in curling, we still did pretty well. We got 29-the most ever at the Winter Games-medals! I am so proud. I spent some of Sunday watching the Closing Ceremonies.

I have been LOVING my job lately! Even between me taking a day off here and there because of sickness, and being frustrated with that, I have been really loving it. Even though the kids (and adults!) have been crazy because of the snow....I have loved it. I am looking forward to next year, to see what it will bring!! #thankful

My sister and I are (hopefully!) going to Calgary over Spring Break. V is going to do some speaking about her mission work in the Philippines, and we also want to visit our grandparents. We are going in her car (yay!), and I am really looking forward to going and spending QT with my sister! I have been designated to be the city driver while we are there. Please pray for me. No, seriously. Pray. I am not used to city driving. Anker won't let me drive in Vancouver, and I never drove when I lived in Calgary (b/c I didn't have a car).

I have to see a cornea specialist sometime, as I seem to have a misshapen cornea. I am still waiting for the appointment time. I also will be seeing an internest/breathing specialist in town now, vs us going to Vancouver every year. I am seeing her in April.

Early this week, I went to Shoppers to get something for Anker for his back. I decided to wander around and look at books, magazines and makeup! It was SO fun, and it was one of those MANY times where I was thankful that we don't have kids. I don't have to worry about having them with me, nor going home to them to put them to bed, etc. Yes, I do go out a lot on my own, but a lot of times I am hurried, or I just don't feel like meandering. Well, I did this time, and I love it. Besides, there is something about shopping at night.

A couple of weeks ago, I went through my 300 (yes, 300!) blogs that I follow and deleted a bunch, then promptly added a few more. And no, I don't read them all every day, There are quite a few that I don't read at all, actually, but I do keep them around to read once in awhile.

Calico is 7 years old!!! We know her birthday is February 2011, but we don't know of her exact birthday. We have had her for almost 3 years (in August), and we love having a kitty. Except when she throws up. And scratches on things she shouldn't scratch. Awesome. Seriously, though, has enriched our lives (even though she can be stinky!). We love having a kitty.

Well, this was supposed to go along with my FOF, but since this is way longer than I thought, and it has taken me ages to write this, then I will make it one post only, and I will do another post for FOF.

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