Sunday, October 29, 2017

Five On Friday

Even though I didn't work last Friday (ProD Day!), I somehow didn't get to do the weekly post. Oh well. Here are some faves from the last couple of weeks. And now, it's Sunday :) LOL.

1) Fall Leaves: I finally was able to take some pictures of the fall leaves after I left work the other day. Between my driving (thus not being able to take pictures), and not getting out much (sore knee), and not cloudy weather, I haven't been able to take as many pictures as I would like. I usually take TONS! I hope to take some more this week. They are starting to blow off the trees.

 2) Fidget Spinner: Y'all, I finally got MY OWN Fidget Spinner. It is pink/purple and sparkly, and I love it.

3) Steeped Tea: I co-hosted a Steeped Tea party the other Saturday, and I ended up getting WAY too much stuff in the end. I got a ton of stuff, and I spent WAY too much money. But, we have tea for ages. 
4) New Haircut: I got a hair cut last Friday. My hair had been going crazy, and I was long overdue for one. I love it!

5) Knee: I hurt me knee at work two weeks ago, and I am SO THANKFUL that it didn't break, dislocate or fracture (well, I kind of fractured it). It is painful, and I will need a bit of physio, but I was able to (though I probably shouldn't have) go back to work the next day.

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