Friday, November 3, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up/Let's Be Friends Blog Hop/Show and Tell Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!!! I hope your weeks are all going well. Ours is going well (so far..I mean it IS only Tuesday!). I took a half day off today, as Anker had some dental work done, and I wanted to drive him there and from, and to make sure that he wasn't going to bleed to death. Ha! I had wanted to do a WW, as well as LAST week's Show and Tell Tuesday combined, but sadly, I missed the actual link matter, I will just post it in the comments.

So...first off, last wknd. Man, was I SO happy when Friday at 3 pm rolled around! It was a week!

Friday: I ran a few errands, then I came home after work. I drank some Pumpkin Spice hot chocolate and played on my laptop. I am not sure what we had for supper, but we I am sure we ate something. I caught up on The Young and the Restless. #tvgoals. At 6:45, our Girls Group got together at our friends house to say good bye to our Snow Bird Friend who goes to AZ every year. Why she doesn't want to stay here when it is -100000C, I have no clue! They go for about 6 months. Lucky them :) Anyway, we had coffee, homemade cinnamon buns, and wonderful chat. I got home around 10:30, and I went straight to bed. I think I was on my phone for a bit (I's a bad habit) before going to sleep.

Saturday: I couldn't find the TV remote, so I listened to music on my stereo (yes, I still play CDs on a stereo, and in the judging!). and played on my computer. I left at around 1, and I went to the library, to Starbucks, and then went to see my brother and his family. I hadn't had a good chat with them in awhile, and I really hadn't seen much of H in ages, so I wanted to let him know that I am still around :) I ended up staying for supper, and then went to Wal-Mart on my way home. I think I went to bed around 11 or 12 again.

Sunday: I went to church. Alone. Again. I came home right after church, and I spend the day at home, which was nice. I had a few things planned, but they all ended up getting cancelled, which was fine by me. I really needed to rest my knee up. I ended up watching the old version of Father of The Bride, which was good, and then I watched some TV.

And now...Show and Tell Tuesday: Your Favourite Holiday!

I kind of fluctuate with Thanksgiving (in October), and Christmas (December 25). I love TG, as the weather is MUCH better, the roads are good, and you don't have to give presents (I love presents, but the money!). Not nearly has much money goes out, which is great. But, I also love Christmas, as we celebrate Jesus coming to Earth as a baby, and of course, there is the tree, the gifts, the food (oh, the food!), and snow (which can stay one the grass and hills, thankyouverymuch!). Also, Christmas is a two week long break from school (and lots of time celebrating), whereas TG is only a few days. (this part was done on Friday, November 3) But then we have music and decorations that go along with Christmas, whereas we don't have all that stuff to along with TG. I do find Christmas a lot of fun..there movies, lots to do, baking, decorations...and snow (which I don't like but it is pretty to look at and play in!). is a definite toss up between the two!!

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