Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

I haven't done a Weekend Wrap Up posted in awhile, so I thought I would post one, b/c, you know, our life is so exciting!

Friday: After work, I went to Starbucks, where I hung out there for a bit. Then I went to Shopper's to pick up a few things (actually, I went to Shoppers first), then I went to the dollar store. I bought a new mascara from the drug store and Christmas socks from the dollar store. I came hone and we had fish and chips for dinner. We watched the news, and I watched movies until bed. I watched Finding Santa, and Magic Stocking.

 My new mascara. I haven't used it yet...cause I don't wear make up all the time. I am sure that it is lovely.
My Christmas socks. Yes, I love fun socks!!!

Saturday: I woke up at 9, and I had a relaxing morning. I think I finished watching a movie that I had started the night before...December Bride, and then I went off to watch The Star, which was great. I went to Wal-Mart, and grabbed a few things. I came home, and got ready for my church's Christmas banquet. Anker didn't go, b/c he knew that he couldn't eat anything. I went, and I had a great time. I wished that I had gotten more pictures. The church was decorated so beautifully, and the dinner was great. I even won a decoration. I came around 8:30, and I watched movies until 10 or so. 

Sunday: I woke up at 9, but I dozed on an off until 10:30. I did laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, and then Anker and I made banana muffins. I met friends for coffee at 2:30. I watched a couple of Christmas movies. We ended up having breakfast for dinner, which is always a good idea. All in all, it was a lovely weekend, and I actually got some stuff done.

Oh..and I had posted that I had bought new flats a week or so ago...and here they are...:)

Our tree is up with one string of lights. I also put up the Nativity tonight. I hope to get some more done tomorrow. I am just not as into decorating this year as I normally am. I think once we get started, I will get excited. Or not :)

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