Sunday, November 26, 2017


Here are a few randoms from the last bit:

On Monday, Anker and I met up with the pastor and his wife of the church that I have been going to the last couple of months. He really connected with them, and he said that he wants to try it out this Sunday. I hope so!!

Tuesday, Anker got his top teeth out. He has no teeth no until we get his dentures in. Poor cupcake!! He is doing ok, but he is still pretty swollen.

Wednesday, Anker and I went to my optometrist appointment. Hey, whatever gets us out on a date :) They said that I have a misshapen cornea. Not quite sure what that means, but I will have to see a cornea specialist. I am not super worried about it.

Does anyone think that Halloween went on for too long this year? It felt like a never ending week of parties. And candy. And crazy children! Ha! Even the fireworks went on for longer than usual. I should have just driven out until I found them, as I heard that they were really great this year!!!

Our BC Lions are out of the playoffs. So are the Vancouver Giants.

Has anyone done those stories on IG? I watch them a lot, but I have never done one, and I am thinking of it.

I really ought to clean my house. Like, really clean it. Maybe this weekend. Or not...:)

It's now Sunday night. I really didn't get much done this weekend. I did do laundry and dishes today :)

I am on the Social Committee at work. I feel very adult. Or something.

It is now November 26 on Sunday night. So, back to the Social Committee-thing. I felt very grown up in helping plan our Christmas party.

I bought a pair of flats for $10 at Wal-Mart last week. They hurt my feet, but I do like them...and they look pretty.

After being good and not buying magazines for a few months, I have bought magazines 3 weeks in a row. At least they are only 3 for $10 at Wal-Mart.

We got our tree up the other day. That is all. Just up. No lights, or anything. I think that will be tomorrow's project. Putting up the tree and Christmas decorations can be a week-long project some years.

I am watching a ton of Christmas movies on W Network. Like a lot, a lot. I also bought a few more Christmas movies from Wal-Mart the other week. I bought The Holiday, Deck the Halls, and Jingle all the Way. I also got Holiday Inn, and White Christmas from the library, and I have never watched them before. I put them in my laptop before I fall asleep, so I technically haven't watched them yet.

I have managed to get an ear infection and two colds since September. Grrr. I am still getting over my cold.

Anker will be getting a full set of dentures by Christmas :) We are both very happy. Poor man has been living off of yogurt and pudding.

Our car is getting a brake job on Thursday. Very exciting.

On Remembrance Day Long Weekend, I went to the ranch for a few days. Anker stayed home, as didn't feel like going. It was nice to get away for a couple of days.

I am loving the Toasted White Chocolate Mocha. It is SO GOOD! I got Starbucks' Christmas (Coffee) Blend this year, and we are not that happy with it. We actually like it mixed in with our regular coffee.

YouVersion updated their app the other day, and it wiped EVERYTHING; plans I was reading, etc. Ugh! I was not amused.

Well, I will share our weekend later this week.

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