Saturday, October 7, 2017

Five On Friday-Thanksgiving Edition

****Before I go any further, I want to address what happened in LV last week (and Marseille). This absolutely breaks my heart when I hear and see things like this happening. 4 Canadians were killed, and I am not sure on how many Canadians were shot, but one had a local connection, with one of the young men shot being the son of an news anchorman use used to work and live here in town. Things like this shouldn't happen, and short of Christ coming, I am not sure when this will stop. My heart breaks for the families that were hurt and killed.****

Ok, on to happier things!

Happy Friday!! It is Thanksgiving here in Canada (yes, we celebrate it), and I am headed to the ranch tomorrow (Saturday) for a day or so. Anker is really quite sick with a horrible cold, so he may or may not come with me. I am very sad that he might not be able to come, but on the other hand, going anywhere when you are sick just sucks, so he might as well stay here and not infect anyone. We will see if he will come tomorrow.

Here are things that I am thankful for this week:

1) 4 Day Weekend!!

We had a PRO D Day today (Friday), and we EA's didn't need to be there. So, a 4 day weekend it is!!! I slept in, shopped, drank coffee, read magazines, and did laundry. Fun times!

2) PSL with a Twist

Happy girl was I when I found out that they were handing out FREE PSL whipped cream along with their PSLs this weekend. And speaking of Pumpkin Spice, I picked up these cookies....
and I have to say that they are pretty good. Thankfully, Anker ate most of them, as he really liked them. I may have to pick up some more up. There are also Pumpkin Spice-flavoured cereals, which I think are a bit much, no?
3) Winning more Jewelry

I won more jewelry from my friend/co-worker who does CBA! I won a pair of earrings, and I LOVE them!!

4) A Short-Lived Cold

I started getting a cold on Monday night, and I am almost over it! I did stay home from work on Tuesday, but I was able to go to work on Wednesday and Thursday.

5) Thankful

I am SO thankful that I live in the BEST country in the WORLD! Yes, I said it! Canada is the BEST place to live (ok, except for maybe France, and Switzerland). I love on how we get 4 seasons (even ever so cold Winter!), which by the way, the colours have JUST started coming out a week or so ago..which is always so beautiful!... that we have religious freedom..the list goes on. I love my job, my family (and that we are SAFE!), my husband, my friends...I am just so thankful!!! I am thankful for Thanksgiving; family, food, faith, friends and fun! #thankful

5.1) New Jeans

I got a card for $40 off of an $80 purchase from Penningtons the other day, and with our/my not going to the ranch like we had originally planned on, it allowed me to get some much needed jeans (ok, maybe not MUCH needed, but I do need more jeans/pants to wear to school), and some other...shall we say, other items? My mom even gave me some $ to go towards it, saying that it was Anker's bday gift :) Haha! I can't remember the exact brand of the jean (they are a store brand), but they are really nice and comfy.

I love them!!! The pair that I have on are the pair that I bought (at least I think that's what I brought home!). 


Good TV/new shows. I have started watching The Little Couple, and Counting On. This is Us was pretty good this last week (but was ONLY ok the week prior), and Big Bang was a bit disappointing this last Monday. I hope it picks up soon. Last weeks's Grey's was quite good, and I have still yet to watch this week's. I see that 2 Broke Girls was cancelled, as well as The Odd Couple. Sadness! Of course, Judge Judy is always good of a laugh. I was going to start watching Dr. Phil, but I have only watched a few episodes. I also was going to start watching Racheal Ray, but I have decided to stop recording it. I have almost stopped watching Dateline, but I will watch it once in awhile. There is a really good Law and Order coming up next Tuesday, about the Menendez Brothers, and I am going to watch that. AND I just found out there is a show called The Great Canadian Baking Show, which I will watch. I have also PVR'd the Great British Bake Off. There are countless cooking shows that I watch (but, like with most of many shows that I record, I will often just delete them), which I do enjoy. Of course, I will usually always have a bunch of movies that I will record from mostly W Net work.

I hope everyone has a wonderful (Thanksgiving) Weekend!

Oh...and just in case you think that we Canadians can't grow tomatoes (or that it's too late to still be getting them) is a picture from earlier this week. I am taking these to my parents (though I might take some of the smaller ones for my lunches), as we won't be able to use them up, and they are just attracting flies. 


Regine Karpel said...

Have a great day. Glad I found your blog.

Tracy said...

Happy thanksgiving!

The A Team said...

Thank you ladies for visiting my blog!!


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