Sunday, October 1, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday: Reverse Bucket List

Yes, it's Sunday, and I have 10 post titles in drafts that are waiting to be written about and published. I just haven't been into blogging lately. Anyway, I thought I would do a few tonight...even if it is one or two. I am watching Grey's from Thursday (it's a 2 hour premiere), and will hopefully go to bed early/ Ha! Ok..I am going to link up with Andrea for last Tuesday's Show and Tell Tuesday. This week, its Reverse Bucket List. I was going to try to post pics to go along with it, but I just want to get this hammered out, so it will be text only.

1) Travelled Europe

When I was a young thing of 20, I travelled Europe with my aunt. We had a blast, and we still talk about it a lot. Two months in Europe. You're welcome.

2) Got Married

I got married "older" than I wanted to, at 31. I am happy that I was an "older" bride, b/c I don't think I could have handled it sooner. Nor would I have really enjoyed it.

3) Got a car

Anker and I have gone through 3 cars since we have gotten married. They haven't been fancy, but they have gotten us from A to B.

4) Gone to College

3 times, to be exact. I am proud to say that I went to University, and I passed! Ok, so it was only a one year program, but I did it.

5) Had a Dram Job

Ok, my dream job is a mommy, but this is my second dream job (ok, other than travelling/blogging and getting paid for it). I get to work with kids. I am blessed.

6) Played the Piano

I don't play anymore, but I did learn. For real.

7)  Danced in the Rain

Or walking..does that count?

8) Seen a Birth

I was able to see my little brother being born.

9) Watched the Sunset/Sunrise

This never gets old...

10) Camping

We camped a lot of in Europe, and Anker and I have gone camping a few times. It think our camping time is over, however.

11) Hiked a Waterfall

We have a real live water fall on our family's ranch, and I went a few times growing up. I went a few years ago as well.

12) Knit

Again, it has been awhile, but I did learn to do it...honest.

13) Hiked/Travelled BC

You wouldn't know it to look at me, but I HAVE hiked a few trails in my time. I would love to travel about BC more. Maybe when we win the lottery.

14) Got my Ears Pierced

I got them done when I was 13.

15) Been in a Wedding

I have been in 3 weddings. I love being in weddings!!
Well, I am sure I have done way more than this, but here are just a few of them :)

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