Sunday, October 15, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday: A Day in the Life

Happy Sunday!!! I am linking up with Andrea @ Momfessionals for this week's (or rather last week's Show and Tell Tuesday. This week is A Day in the Life. I ended up doing up the day that it fell on (last Tuesday, October 10), which was why I am getting to it now...that and the fact that was a week last week! 
Since it has been almost a week since I documented, I kind of forgot the exact times that things happened, but here it is...

By the time I decided that I was going to to document Tuesday, it was over an hour from when I got here is a picture of my 2 alarms that wake me up in the morning. I am so not a morning person. I usually wake up btwn 6:30 and 7:30.

I usually sit on our bed and get out my laptop, play my game and eat breakfast, get my coffee, get dressed, and get ready for the day.

I will sometimes look at my blogs. I follow nealy 300. I have a problem. I don't look at all them every day, but it can still take a lot of time to read (or even scroll through) them
7:30: I play on my laptop...which of course involves Facebook.
 I look at my verse of the day.
 7:45: I end up not putting any make up on, but I do manage to put in on one of my CBA cuffs :)

I make my lunch.

7:50: I get ready to leave. I usually take a lot of stuff.
 ...and more stuff.
 Kitty sometimes sees me off.
 8:05 (approx): I leave for work. I get there for 8:11. I love my short commute to work.
 8:15-10:05: Work. I go to my desk, greet the teacher, and other EA in our room, and we talk about our day and weekends (we came back from a 4 day weekend!). I get ready for the day. We greet the students, and then get on with our day.

10:05: Recess! I end up throwing on some lipstick. Then I go into the bathroom and take a picture of it.
I am very happy to discover that there is a Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer in the fridge that someone brought in to the staff room. Yum!
I had an apple and pretzels for my snack.

10:20-11:55: Back to work.
11:55-12:25: Lunch. Sausage roll, yogourt and a granola bar for lunch. Yum!

12:25-2:55: Back to work/finish work.

3:15-6:15: A quick trip to the library, then to Starbucks.
 I have their Dark Mocha (which was supposed to be a Frap, but I asked for it hot. I also have my after school snack, and read magazines. Yum!

A friends asks if I want to go for coffee, and I say to come on over now, as I am here. We visit for an hour, and then we both head home. I think I go to the library after Starbucks. 
 6:30: I do dishes.
                                                   I make my lunch for the next day.
Anker has made pizza (well, from a box), and it is actually really good!

7:15-10:00: I eat supper, while watching TV. I watch some episodes of the Little Couple....
 .......and Big Bang Theory. Yes, I spend a good chunk of time in our bedroom. We are weird.

I don't remember the exact play by play of my evening, but it usually goes something like I watched TV, played on FB, and on my phone, and then go to bed around 10.

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