Five on Friday, and SUYL: The Awkward Years

Happy Friday, Friends!!

I didn't link up last week, b/c well, I think I forgot, then I didn't feel like it, then the week just got away on me. I hope you all had a good week! Mine was good, but BUSY!!!  I am ready for the weekend! That being said, it is either feast for famine around here...I am either working LOTS, or not working at all. I worked lots the last 8 days, then I have only 3 more shifts (after today's shift) this month. I hope I get more.

So, here we go for this wks FoF

1. I am a Union Member for the first time EVER! I even have a card to prove it. I feel so proud and grown up! Even my little sister was in a union before me. I had to ask her some questions.

2. Starbucks' new Maple Macchiato. Oh.My.Goodness. This is amazing. I loooove maple! I am also enjoying the Macchiato's in general, b/c they aren't that sweet. I walked into the store yesterday, and I when I saw this on their board, I HAD to get it.

3. My new Shoes. Last week, I got another pair of running shoes. I am a bit of a shoe freak. Yes, even the "boring" running shoes I kind of love.  They aren't as comfy as my Soucany's but they are still pretty good. Plus, they match my coat.
4. My Job. This wk has been BUSY with work. Every day I did something; I worked three days (including today), and I had training one day, and a staff mtng yesterday. And yes, I got paid for ALL of it!! So, next wks Paychq is gonna be Su-saweet!! I also love the staff I work with. They are so nice and kind.

5. New shows are back! The Little Couple and Amazing Race!! I may or not may not be into the Bachelor this season.

I am linking up with Kelly for this weeks SUYL.

She is asking us all to link up and talk about our "awkward" years. To be honest, other than the fashion, I didn't feel that awkward. Maybe it was the fact that we live (d) on a farm, in the country, and were homeschooled. I dunno. I loved my teen years (for the most part). I was a bit sullen at times, though, and I did struggle with worry (another post, maybe?), and some health issues (which I now know is PCOS), among other times. I would stay in my room for HOURS listening to music (I guess today's equivalent to being on the computer, etc). But other than that, I really did have a good growing up. However, I did fall prey to the horrible fashion of the 80's and 90's. I mean, geez..what were we all thinking???

 Me at grad. Even though we were home-educated, Mom did give us a party. I had a friend sew this dress. hideous is this? I do love the colour, though...and am happy that it is back in. Mom called me the other to ask what we should do with it. I don't even think our thIrift shop would want it. LOL. I did feel beautiful at the time, though, so that was the important thing!!!
 Me and my friend Jill. This isn't horrible, but still, not the greatest. I don't know how old I was here...maybe 15 or 16?
 To be fair, this isn't horrible. I was in my early 20's here. I love this picture of Vienna and I. Mom's hair is..well,
There are simply no words for this. I feel prey to the spiral perm. I also had braces (top only, thank goodness...and clear ones..yay), but look at the shoulder pads!!!

 Me and Vienna, probably in 1994 or '96. Apparently, she needed new matching PJ's (although, to be fair, I guess that fad is back in now, and I will often wear mismatching PJ's.).
Me and my cousin, Heather in 1990. Again, there are no words! All of these dresses (bridesmaid) were hand made...but hey...they looked good at the time!!! Oh, and there is my awful perm
                                  Me and my friend Christine in 1990. My perm

                       Officially, this isn't my teens years, but look at my horrible glasses!!! At least my hair is ok, and the dress isn't too bad.

I haven't been into blogging much lately. I hope to get back into this week. I already have a list started up for NEXT Friday!!!


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