Five On Friday & SUYL: Reading Lists

Welcome to another edition of Five on Friday!! I am linking up with the girls as usual to tell you my fav and best things of the week!

1.Our new Pantry

Hubs and I went out last Saturday to grab a pantry. We have such a small kitchen, and shelving is at a premium. We also like to buy in bulk (esp nuts and candy), so I also went to the dollar store to grab some containers. I already am loving the results.
Here are a few pictures of what I have been doing this week...

2, My new phone. I actually got this the end of February. I LOVE it!!! I love that I an add applications. I AM LOVING my apps!!!
The apps that I have are..Starbucks, Twitter, FB, My Fitness Pal (I LOVE it!!), TWN, Canadian Diabetes GPS app, Gas Buddy, Pinterest (does anyone even use that anymore??), IG, CTV GO app, WebMD, YouVersion Bible App, CBC Olympic App, Mahjong, People Magazine App, and BCAA (like AAA) App. I love them all. I may do a post just on my favourite apps alone :)

3. SPD Socks, Big Pay Chq
Aren't they cute?? I am wearing a pair right now.  Plus I have two pairs from last year.
I also got a big cheque today, I am so stoked. I may or may not go out and get a few CD's and TBBT, and GA, and maybe even DA. MAYBE. Yes, I love money!!!

4. Spring Duvet Cover.
                       I bought this on Saturday at Jysks when we got the Pantry. I love it.
I love that all my sheets all match!! I also may get the lavender sheet that matches the ones of the colours on the duvet.

5.  The Big Bang Theory.
I seem to be on a BBT kick these days. I am watching when reruns come on TV, and having it on when I go to bed at night on my laptop. I am very happy to hear that it has been renewed for three more years!!! I definitely love this show!!!!

5.1. Dinner out with Anker
Anker and I don't go out for dinner much. Oh sure, we will bring home food from McD's and the occasional Chinese Food or pizza, but as far as going out (even for Fast Food), we don't do it much. So, when Anker suggested that we go to Boston Pizza last night for supper, well, he didn't have to ask me twice! We both LOVE BP. I love their pizza bread..yum! I have been actually craving it the last few days, which is odd, b/c Anker didn't even know that when he suggested we go there. I had pizza bread.
For the main dish, I had their seafood fettuccine. I ate as much as I could, then I brought the rest home.
And for dessert, we had our favourite..Chocolate is heaven on a plate...let me me tell you!
With soft drinks, dessert and tips, it cost us over $60! (which is why we don't go out much) But it was a great evening..completed by watching TBBT and GA!!

This week, on SUYL Kelly is doing what we are is my original post from November.  Along with those that I am still trying to read, I seem to only be reading magazines lately. I buy a lot, but I also get a lot from the library.  I know that it probably seems kind of shallow of me, I mean, shouldn't EVERY Christian woman have some sort of Lysa Teurkest book on the go? I just don't have the mind and patience for ANY book these days. I also would like to finish The Christian Athiest, as it is a good book, and easy and short to read. So, that is the exciting bit that is my reading list.


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