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I thought I had better do a blog post other than a link up one, and I actually had a few things to write about, and I want to write :)

We are doing pretty well. Since I have been working (more on that in a bit), things have been a bit better. Anker is also getting EI, and we are hoping to get him on disability soon. Anker hasn't been feeling all that well, but he does have his good days. Between his hip, back, his IBS, he is usually not feeling well about every other day. We do manage to get out a couple of times a week to run errands, etc. On Tuesday, we went out to get a new modem, to renew our insurance, and grabbed some groceries. I know, exciting, right? I do try to take him out for coffee, Starbucks, etc, but he usually responds with "but I just had coffee at home". LOL.

Work is going well. I worked (or in relation to work) every day last week, and I was so tired by the weekend. It was a great week, though. I am loving (for the most part) my job! It is such a great set up for me. I actually don't even know if I want to have a position, as I like just picking my times I want to work, and not have a set schedule. I do know that if/when I get a position, I would get benefits. So, I can definitely see the positives of both sides.

The sun is shining, and it is warm!!! I love it!!! I am happy that the -degree weather is behind us (well, I hope so, anyway). The snow could leave any day, too.

I am also trying not so very hard to eliminate sugar from my diet. I should anyway, since I am a diabetic, but I am feeling SO tired all the time, and I am thinking that now would be a good time to try it as an experiment.

I got a new phone (which I will talk about in my FoF tomorrow). I love it!!! I also love it now that I am not using my data. It wouldn't connect to our modem, so I was using up all my data. Thankfully, we have a new one, so no more data usage! I am having fun downloading apps!!! (again, more on that tomorrow) This has much more memory, so now I can have more apps, and have more fun on my phone. I seem to be turning in a real phone junky. I have to have it with me (or at least know where it is) all.the.time. It is sad, really. I am almost  expecting that there be free WiFi everywhere I go. Do you know that Walmart has it, now?

On Saturday, Anker and had an errand day, and bought a Pantry cupboard. We spent a couple of hours putting it together, which was kind of fun. I am also having fun organizing our kitchen. Most everything is in it's new place, except for the spices.

Hubby and I watched Captain Phillips on Saturday night, which was a great movie. I also watched We're the Millers, which was dumb. On Sunday, I went to church alone, and then grabbed a coffee, and watched Non Stop, which is a great movie!!! I love Liam Neesson!! He is so dreamy!! (FYI, also watch Taken, which is another good movie, and I also want to watch Taken 2). Just spent the rest of Sunday evening hanging out and relaxing. I actually don't remember what I did. Last Sunday, we watched the Oscars. I loved it!!

So the other night, I was feeling like making a real dinner. You know the kid where you have to dirty up dishes,  and actually make something from nothing? Hubby wanted tacos, but I had already taken chicken out, so I decided to combine the two. I decided to make chicken enchiladas. They were very good, and very cheesy. So good!
This is the recipe that I found on, you guessed it, Pinterest.  It was really good, and even Anker liked it. I pretty much stuck to the recipe, but I didn't have any chiles, so I used some taco sauce or something (It was in an unmarked package, but it was red, and smelled taco-like. It didn't poison us, so I guess it was safe. I also used different cheese than it called for, as I didn't have any Monterey Jack cheese. I used cheddar and Mozzerella. I probably will use a bit less cheese next time, as it was a bit too chewy, and a bit too salty. Still have have lots of leftovers, so I think we will be having it all weekend. Oh, I would would either use smaller tortilla shells, or I would just cut them in a half, as they are a bit too large.

I paired it with a green salad, and salsa (and you could probably put more sour cream with it, but there was already too much to add more on the side). It was so good!!!

More tomorrow!!!


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