What a Week!! Is it over yet?

What a week! I am so excited for the weekend. I really don't have much planned..just read, and watch some movies:)

Well, I wrote and told you what happened on Monday...well, the week just got worse!!

Not sure if I blogged about this, but around the time change, I started getting REALLY tired. I also was feeling hungry, nearly right after eating, and a few other symptoms. Well, I got some blood work done, and it came out fine (high cholesterol, but I knew that). But I was still insistant that something was wrong. He did a second round of Blood work. In the mean time, we discovered the my BiPap machine had a bit of a leak in the hose, connecting it from the water chamber, to my mask, which was probably part of the problem (after we got a new hose, I wasn't tired much anymore). Yesterday, I went to my doctor, who tells me I have Type 2 Diabetes. True Story. I mean...REALLY??? I need that like a hole in the head!!! I know it's not a big deal, but with the other stuff going on, I just didn't need it. I am already on Metformin, which is suppose to help w/ my PCOS, so that is probably why I wasn't feeling more sick. To be honest, I wasn't that surprised, but I still stressed about it. A lot. I know I shouldn't say this...but I almost wished it were something else. It's cool and "in" to get Cancer..it's not cool to get diabetes. That being said, Paula Dean has it, so I guess it's being talked about more now. I wasn't even going to tell my parents, but I broke down and told my dad (mom is away) tonight. He told me to be thankful that I didn't have cancer. At least Cancer wouldn't be (for the most part) my fault. Diabetes is. Anyway....that being said, I have let it digest, and settle, and I am feeling a bit better about it today. I am seeing the diabetic clinic when they decide to give me a call. I just didn't need this on top of everything else. I tried to explain this to my dad, and he just didn't get it. Oh well.

After that, I went to run a few errands..and I went to my counselling appt, where I just started crying. It was a good session, tho, and even tho I felt drained when it was over, I was glad I had gone. I ended up leaving work early last night, due to my news...I came home and I had a bath, and I did my nails:)

I also have a new addiction..Pinterest!! I love it!!!

Well, that has been my week so far!!!! I know my Lord is carrying me!!!


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