48 hours alone

This past Sun-Tues, I hopped the Greyhound alone (since DH wasn't able to make it), to Vancouver, as I had some DR's appts there. I actually ended up having a good time. I called DH about 25 times, so I don't think we had much time to miss each other, but it was still good to get away. I stay at this little B&B a few blocks from my appts...I love it there. I just enjoyed Sunday evening..I walked to Starbucks (of course!!), and grabbed a "coffee", and came back and had a very relaxing evening.

Monday, I got up in decent time, and I had a wonderful breakfast, and went to my appointments. I also went to Starbucks btwn the first two, waiting around to meet with my cousin and his family. We had a quick lunch, and then I went to see my Lung Specialist. He said things were going well. I then went to UBC for my Neuro appt, and she was very happy with everything. I ended up going to Whitespot for supper, mainly b/c I wanted a half decent supper, and I didn't feel like walking too far. I had a lovely supper, and enjoyed my time alone. I am one of those people that don't mind eating alone (at least not a lot). I walked back to the B&B, and just spent another night just relaxing and watching Monday night TV that I don't usually get to watch. I slept a bit better the first night. I woke up around 8 the next morning..had another wonderful breakfast, and went to London Drugs to get a few things. And of course, I stopped at Starbucks on the way back:). I packed up, and stayed until noon, since my bus didn't leave until 2. I got the Bus/Train station early, and I grabbed a drink at Mcd's, while I Facebooked. The trip home went well. I had the seat to myself most of the time. DH took me to supper at BP when I got in..sooo good!!

I am saying all this to the fact the yes, sometimes I DO like not having kids. I don't have to take them with me, or find someone to look after them. I can have a (mostly) good night's rest each and every night. I can go to Sbucks when I want to...read, pretty much do whatever, whenever I want.


terbez72 said…
I know your concerns about adoption, but one of my friends here in BC (who has adopted 3 kids)has told me that it is free because there are so many kids in wait. Also, if you don't want kids with special needs, you fill that out in your paperwork. You can say you want a boy, girl or whatever. It's the same for when you're fostering, but that's another story (we looked into it). Obviously you may have to wait longer for a child the more specific you are about what you want, but they're not going to give you anything you feel you can't handle. I have the # of the woman here who deals with adoptions, and if you want to ask her some ?'s, I will gladly pass it on to you. How about surrogacy? What are your thoughts on that?

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