Why I WON'T Be Watching Fifty Shades of Grey

I don't pretend to be a purist. I watched Sex and the City; I watch Grey's Anatomy, Downton Abbey (when a lot of Christians wouldn't), and I am pretty lenient on some things. And I was even debating about watching the movie. And, to be honest, if there wasn't as many s3x scenes in it; I probably would. I even skimmed the book. But after talking with some people; and ESPECIALLY after the sermon yesterday, I have decided not to watch it. Why? At first, I thought..ok...she has safe words, it is consensual, yada yada, yada... I even argued that it WAS an ok movie to see with a friend on Facebook (it being consensual, etc).

But guess what? There is a LOT more to that than the s3x. He stalks her. He pretty much makes her fall in love with him (if you call that "love"). And then there's the BDM/BDSM/S&M factor. Now, again, I am no purist..if you want to use handcuffs with your partner, blindfolds, heck, even a whip, go right ahead. Use a toy or two. But this goes FAR beyond a little bit of kinky-ness in the bedroom. This is s3x trafficking, pure and simple. It is abuse. It down right deeming to/for a women. That's not love. It's not respectful. It is not going to help our marriage/s3x life (in fact, it could very well ruin it). This will be one of those movies that you will never be able to unsee (yes, I also watched Unfaithful, which had a few s3x scenes in it, I even had the movie for awhile, but he decided to get rid of it, in part b/c of it was an extra-marital affair).

Christian Grey has come from a bad place. What would posses ANY guy to act like/on that? Ana has issues. What would posses ANY woman to be treated like that? Sure, he's rich. They do rich-people things. That doesn't make him or what he does any better. It makes him creepy. There is this meme floating around; I thought it was very fitting:

But guess what? It's not even a romantic movie. t glamourises BDM/S&M, etc. I heard that people from the BDM community even had a problem with this movie (or that they at least question it).

As woman, I am not going to see it. As a Christian. I am not going to see it. My husband has NO desire to watch it. And I am glad.

The ONE interesting thing I found out was that it was filmed in Vancouver, BC. Oh, and I had no clue that it was Melanie Griffith's daughter who plays Ana.


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