Five on Friday/Oh, Hey, Friday/Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday, ya'll!

First off...a little wondering-ment (yes, that IS a word!); when/if you do FoF and OHF after Friday, do you put things in your post that happened before Friday only, or post anything that happens after that Friday? hmm...:) is what I loved as of Friday, February 20/15

1) New Makeup.

 Is there anything better than NEW FRESH makeup? I think not! I have actually never really been much of a make up girl, so I usually just buy anything that looked cheap and that I thought looked good on my skin. Well, I still do that, but with a bit more know-how. Ha! Since becoming an "Avon Lady" a few years ago, I would just buy the make up from, since I haven't been in it, I haven't bought any new stuff, in well, forever. I have been wanting to buy Drew Barrymore's new Flower Beauty line for awhile, but I kept forgetting to check it out at Wal-Mart. I really do like it. I think my favourite is the mascara. With past mascaras, they seem to rub on to my glasses, but so far, this hasn't, which I love. The mascara is brown/black, and it twists three different ways, allowing you three different ways to apply.

The eye shadow brush already fell off (oops!), but I really do like the colours, and how it blends. The name of it is called ShadowPIay/Twighlight Moon. I also have her Sheer Up  Lip Tint. The colour I have is called Bare Blush. The only real complaint I have about that is that you REALLY have to PRESS HARD for it to go on. I think that's partly due to it being very light. I also added some of my Avon Sparkle Lip Gloss, which added some, well, I don't know what it added, but it looked a bit better. (I I think I will do a beauty haul post soon). My animal-activist friends will be happy to know that they don't test on animals.

2. VDay Wknd.

We didn't do much for Vday. Mainly b/c Anker wasn't feeling well. At any rate, since it was pay day, I went out (on Friday), and had Sushi, got magazines, and did some errands (including buying my make up and other stuff at Wal-Mart). I was a bit choked that Anker didn't end up doing ANYTHING with me, but we did sort of manage to have a fairly good evening; I got Subway, and wine, and we watched 2 Broke Girls. Saturday (and Sunday), I worked, but I came home to this...Ok,...I had to encourage him to do something for when I came home, but hey, he did it:
So, in the end, it wasn't all bad! I did end up going and grabbing some drinks from Starbucks for Anker and I..he had his Cap, and I had a Raspberry Hot Chocolate. Not the greatest taste (I forgot that it wasn't my fave..oh well!), but still good.

2. 2 Broke Girls (and Y&R, GA, SH, DA, and basically most TV in general).

 We are LOVING 2BG right now. I am not sure if I would end up buying the series, but I love me some laughs. Plus, any show that Anker and I can (and do!) watch together is fun. Remedy is coming back on next month. Grey's is's nearly done this year, I think. Saving Hope ended on a horrible note! I am so sad! The Young and the Restless is great right now.

3. Pancake on Pancake Day.

I kind of let my friend down the other day, so when she texted me saying that she was craving pancakes, and when she told me that she loved the Bisquick version (which, btw, I have never even tried), I told her that I would go and buy some and make pancakes for her. So, while hubby and I were out ( day with hubby!!), we grabbed a few things, including Bisquick. She said that we could make them at her place, so after I came home from our day (car shopping! Coffee Date! Lunch with my aunt and uncle!), we spent the evening together. We got her dog from Daycare, and we made Pancakes and watched Friends. SO FUN!!! Oh, and the pancakes were DELISH!
                                   Yes, I was "good" and had eggs with my first one. Yummy!

                                                        This was by far the best EVER!

4. Budget.

We've been trying to do up a budget the last little bit. I spent most of Wednesday going through it (actually, I was refining it, since I had already done it a few days prior). We have cut a few things; our Shaw bill, and I am really trying to limit my coffee-spending. This wknd wasn't actually a good example of that. Ha! At least I write everything that I spend on our paper, which helps. I may do a post (when we get more of a handle on this) on budgetting one day. Maybe. I may or may be a little bit sad that we got rid of TLC (among a few others, but TLC was my fave...Duggars, The Little Couple, etc).

5. Changes!

Good things are happening! I am so happy! Will share more soon!

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I thought I would do a quick weekend wrap up:

Not that it was a fabulous or even an exciting wknd ( WAS exciting, but not in the fun sense), but I haven't done a WW in awhile, so I thought I would do one...(I haven't even done a weekly update in awhile...does that make me a bad blogger??).

Friday, I pretty much relaxed all day, then went to work. It was a good, but busy shift, as we hosted one of our clients' birthday party. It went by fast though, which was nice. Oh, and we had pizza and Crazy Bread! Came home, and my next door neighbour/friend had texted me asking if I wanted to come over for a bit. I grabbed wine and chips from our house, and over I went. Fun times. We just chatted, watched Friends, and did Karaoke.

Saturday, we got up in fairly good time, as we were picking up a car (more on that later). Brought that home, only to find out that we thought the battery was dead, so we went to get a new battery. While we waiting for my uncle to come and pay for it for us (we were having bank issues), we grabbed coffee at McD's. It didn't end up being the battery; it ended up being the starter. Goody. Anker was NOT impressed, and I was VERY frustrated. I will tell more about this another time, but basically, Saturday wasn't a good day. I did manage to clean the bathroom, which was badly needed. We did manage to relax, and Anker found a show to watch on Shomi, and my friend and I went for "coffee". I bought my iced tea, and my friend bought treats.

I came home, had a bath, popped in "Miss Congeniality" and went to bed.

Sunday, I went to church (we still have the Alero..thankfully!), and was in a HORRIBLE mood, but I forced myself to talk with people, and to sit downstairs (vs in the balcony). It was a good service, and I have to share our pastors title of the sermon: "Black and White: Not shades of Grey". Ha! Love it. (for the record, I WON'T be watching Fifty Shades...more on in another post). I can see that I have a lot of posts to write...:) My friends took me out for dinner, and then I went to the park, and sat in the car and finished my journal. It was too cold to be outside, but just warm enough to be in the car. Came home and sat on my butt most of the day. I watched The Oscars, which started at 3:00 (I started watching at 3:30). It is the female equivalent to/of the Superbowl. I thought it was fun, the dresses were beautiful, and Lady Gaga did an AWESOME job singing the Sound of Music Medley. I thought that NPH did a pretty good job of hosting; I would love to see Ellen back, though. I was sad that American Sniper didn't win Best Picture (I can't remember the other movies nominated, but anything else but Birdman!), but I was glad that Julianne won for her part in Still Alice (which I want to see, btw). I also watched the Golden Globes from a month or so ago (thank goodness for our PVR..and two TVs), which I mainly ffw'd through. I finished the night/wknd watching Downton Abbey. All I can say is...Poor Anna!! I am glad that Rose is happy (for now!), and that Robert is ok that Marigold is his granddaughter. I am finding, though, that there are too many characters to keep up with. Anyone else agree with me?? Am I the only one sad that there is only ONE MORE EPISODE?? How can this be? Oh least Call the Midwife is coming back next month!!!

A few other highlights last week: Hubby and I went grocery shopping on Wednesday, I went and picked up pizza and visited A, K, and H on Thursday, and Tuesday, we went car shopping, had a coffee date, and met up with my aunt and uncle for lunch. Yummy!


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