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Happy Tuesday!

Yes, I am still alive. Either I have/am been just too busy to blog, or I don't feel like blogging, but I am here, and well. I hope your week is going swimmingly :) We are doing pretty well here in the BC Interior. Most of our snow has gone. Yay!

 I worked a night shift for the first time in a month this last Saturday. It went alright. I even went to church the next day, something that I probably won't do again, unless I have gotten more sleep the day before my night shift. But I am still glad that I went. I am getting into 2 Broke Girls, and I have started season 1 on shomi. We are looking to buy a new (ish) car. Still thinking/talking/praying about options. We are trying to pare down our spending; eating out (fast food) coffee, magazines, Facebook Games, etc), and we were doing well for a few days, but I have been spending a bit more again. Oh well, we are still doing a bit better with that. Anker was doing well, but yesterday, he had a bit of a bad day, and isn't the greatest today, either. Oh well. He is cleaning out our storage room, which is looking much better.

 I had a bad cold two wknds ago, and I stayed home from work on Saturday, and watched movies, and Big Bang (we bought the 7th season), all day. SO FUN! I love me a lazy day (or two, or three!).  Oh, and I Was able to Skype with Luke and the girls (it's so odd to say that now!). I love seeing N and Baby Lilah. Except that L talks SO MUCH more now! Precious! I was able to go to work on Sunday, and it was a good and fun shift. There are parts of my job that I love SO MUCH!

I met up with Mom and then Dad the other day. We had a nice chat, and then Dad, Anker and I went car shopping. My last three days off were quite shopping, a seminar, dentist appointment, but they were productive and kind of fun. The seminar I went to was about Adults with Developmental Disabilities. It was quite interesting and informative. Plus, it was free, and there was free snacks. Some of my co-workers and my boss were there, so we all sat together, which was kind of nice. I chipped my tooth (twice!) and my new dentist (who is amazing!) was VERY gracious and fixed it for free (twice!). After they fixed it the second time (last Tuesday), I grabbed Tim's and went to visit H and Krystle. H was thrilled with his HC and donut that I brought him. I have been pinning a bit more lately. Does anyone else still use/do Pinterest? My IG has been a bit quite. Not as into it lately. I even deleted a few pictures that didn't have any likes, or comments.

On Friday, Anker and I did some car shopping, and met my Uncle, who looked at cars with us, and then took us for lunch at The White Spot. Yum! I dropped Anker off at home, and then went to the dentist to get my bite, etc looked at (it was feeling funny due to the new filling from the tooth), and then grabbed a quick coffee and went to work. I was gone from 10 am to 10 pm that night. Fun Times. Saturday, I was planning on being my jammies all day, cleaning, and watching TV. And Facebooking. Then at 10:30, I got called to work thatnight. I did manage to clean our kitchen up a bit.I ran to the dollar store, picked up supper, and then had a nap. We also watched Saving Hope and Grey's.  I did manage to lay down for awhile, and then I went to work. Sunday, after work, I went church, and then had a 5 hour nap. Relaxed in the evening, and had hot dogs. I know, so healthy.

Well, I think that's all for now. I literally am running out the door...but I wanted to link up with Tiffany for:


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