Sunday, September 3, 2017

Highlights from the Summer

I have blogged about most of these highlights from the summer over the summer, but I thought I would quickly highlight them all...cause, you know..#blogpostgoals.!

There are always arguments as to when Summer begins (or any season, for that matter). I personally think that the seasons are mixed up...Spring should be March-May; Summer should be June-August (full months, none of this 21st/22nd start day stuff!), Fall, Sept-November, and Winter should be December-February. Also, when does Summer actually begin? Is it when the kids are out of school? Is it May 1st? Is it after our country's long weekends? Is it June 1st, or June 21st? Anyway, I tend to think that Summer starts June 1st.....but since a lot of people think that May is the beginning of Summer, I will start from there...I won't post any pics or links to these, but you can find them  (pics and subjects) on the blog, or on IG (or FB).

1) Going to my Cousins's Wedding.

2) Visiting with Grandpa and Gramma.

3) Birth of our New Niece.

4) My Birthday Weekend at the Ranch.

5 Meeting Kahjianna for the first time at her baby shower.

6) Flooding Started.

7) End of School!

8) Started my Tupperware Business.

9) Solo Road Trip to the Ranch over CD Long Wknd.

10) Beach Day with my Friend

11) Wildfires Started (ok, so that's not a highlight, but it IS a major thing of what happened this summer)/

12) POPARD Course/House sitting.

13) Going to my Parents' for the Wknd (spending a lot of the time our B&B cabin alone).

14) Getting lots of fruits and veggies (and Anker preserving them!!!) from our garden, and from friends.

15 Having to get new tires (and God keeping us safe).

16) Celebrating our 10th Anniversary (with said new tires!).

17) Solo trip to the beach.

18) Church Potluck Picnic (and it being such a wonderful day!).

19)Being able to get my Annual Medical Check ups here in town (vs Vancouver).

20) Lots of time at the library, Starbucks and parks/outside (well, as much as I could with the smoke)!

20) Spending time with family and friends.

22) Meeting up with my childhood friend for lunch

23) Eating Pie (I love pie!)

24) Going to my Parents (solo, again) to spend time with extended family who I rarely see).

25) Having LOTS of downtime (magazines, movies, etc)

26) Tackling a few projects (cleaning out the fridge, a good bathroom clean..and well, that's all).

25) Movie Night with my Brother and Sister in Law.

26) Day Road Trip with my Friend.

27) Babysitting Hayden once or twice.

28) God Being EVER Faithful (finances, health, safety, etc).

29) Buying some fun gifts for our Anniversary (then selling one of them on/in the bidding group).

30) Having  few dates with Anker (hey, I will take what I can get!).

31) Having an "old" Pen Pal looking me up on FB.

32) Meeting friends from blogging and FB Groups (and joining said FB groups).

33) Our First Half Day of School (and catching up with friends)!

34) Getting nice new neighbours.

35) Family/Getting some great deals on clothes and shoes!

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