Where are you, Christmas?

I don't know what it is this year, but I just can't get into the Christmas Spirit. I really could just skip it, and be ok with it. I was reading a blog, and there was a list that they had already done, and it made me ill, just thinking about it (and she has two small children), and a list of the things that they wanted to do. Still made me ill. I have done things to try and make me feel Christmas-y. I have walked through malls, glistening with Christmas lights (that was very nice, I must admit) I had Starbucks' and T.H's Christmas drinks (in Christmas cups, mind you). I have even had egg nog. I have put up our tree, even decorated around here a bit. I have attended two Christmas Concerts...I have even watched a Christmas movie or two..and I still feel down. I am still trying to sort it all out...sigh.

Anker and I have both been sick. I am getting over mine, and he is still sick:( He actually had to bow out of the Christmas play (the one I went to tonight), b/c he is just so run down and still sick. I hope he gets better before Christmas. I actually took him to the hospital the day, as he was having chest pain. They took blood work, ECG, and an X-Ray, and they said that it was just his cardiac wall being inflammed..nice. He is still having pains. A hot water bottle seems to help him with the pain, along with some meds.

I went to Vancouver Sun/Mon. It was a short, expensive, but nice trip. I got in around 3, and found my B&B. It is a cute little place, just a few blocks from VGH. I would definitely stay there again. I was going to go out and have dinner, but I didn't want to go out in the dark, and since I was paying for the room, I thought I might as well, enjoy it. I ordered Chinese food, and it was really good:) (I even brought some home!!) I enjoyed having the TV to myself. I slept fairly well. I was thinking on the way down (I took the bus), that I think that was the first time that I had ever had a hotel room alone (not including being with the family, and sharing an ajoining room with my sister). After a nice breakfast, and packing up, I wandered around a bit (I had a few hours to kill), and it surprisingly went really fast. I wandered around the mall, and enjoyed a Starbucks (yes, I have to have one every time I am in Vancouver). So, the appointment:) I saw Dr. Miller (not Dr. Ehlin, as I thought), and she has ordered me an u/s for Jan, to see if the cyst has grown, or is even still there. She couldn't feel it, but that doesn't really mean anything. I wasn't there that long, and was done (after a blood test) at about 4. After getting my bags at the B&B, and took a taxi to the Bus Depot, and ate my supper of left over Chinese food, and french fries. The trip home went well. I slept a bit, as I didn't feel like even reading, or watching a movie.

This week has been ok. Just really down, and I am trying to figure it out.

Last weekend, Anker and I went to the TVCO at our church. I put on the dress that I had worn to J's wedding 2 yrs ago, and I discovered that it was too big!! I wore it anyway.

I really hope our neighbours get evicted. That would be the best Christmas present.

I plan on just being home and cleaning up. I may read and start on some Christmas cards. We have gotten a few this year.


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