I thought I was Ready....

Just a short post, as I am tired, it is late, and I have a full day tomorrow:) I hope everyone had a great long weekend. I like LW;s, but I usually always end up paying for somehow. It just seemed sooo long. I have two more crazy weeks of school, then I have nearly 6 wks off:) I am going to reward myself with drinking a lot of Christmassy drinks, reading a lot of magazines and books!! We only have one music channel on Shaw that plays Christmas music(so far).I loove just sitting with the lights off, listening to music and reading:)

School is going well. I still am having a problem with psych! Oh well. I am still getting (mainly) A's and B's, so I guess I am doing ok:). Just a couple of more tests, assignemnts, and presentations. I am really enjoying my classmates. It took a month or so to really start to get to know each other, and feel comfortable,but I can honestly say that I see most of us being friends long after our course is over.

We had a our first real big dump of snow last weekend. I think it snowed three days in a row. I still have not gotten out our winter stuff...which I will probably do tomorrow. I try to wear my shoes for as long as I can..then I switch to boots.

Had a nice date day with hubby today...went to mcd's for breakfast, then to CT, and then grocery shopping. We cleaned up the house a bit, and I had to run out to give a customer her Avon order, and we had a coffee and chat, then I came home, and hubby had made supper..yum. Watched a couple of movies, and now i am almost ready for bed.

So, on to the title of this post....

As some of you know, I have been having a hard time going to baby showers. I actually always kind of had, even before I knew we couldn't have kids...well, I try to be grown up about it sometimes, I just have to go...Well, I thought I was ready...I guess not...

To start off with, I was grumpy...and hubby didn't come to church with me...anyway..I don't really know this person very well, i mean, we are friends, but it is not like i call her up and chat..I know her parents a bit more, actually. She actually now attends another church that meets in our bldng, but they hosted it in our church...so, i went for lunch, and came back...and I should have left again.

To be fair, she was grateful for the gift I got her, which was nice, and it was nice to hang with people...but the whole shower was just..strange...

I talked with a friend of mine who has gotten totally into health and fitness, and is frankly, a bit strange to talk now. I mean, how can you talk to someone who eats clean? Anyway, the mom was gone half the time nursing her baby, and then the brother of the dad gave this really odd speech, oh sorry, it was the dad's dad (baby's grampa). I mean, who does that? It was  Jack and Jill shower...so both genders were invited. I didn't really chat with many people, so it was just a bit awkward. So, I left. I just totally felt out of place, and I won't be going to one unles I really am friends with them, or it is family. As I get order, I just don't feel the need to go to things that I think I have to go to..i mean,why?? I can have more fun with myself sometimes. But hey, at least i went:)

Last Saturday, I went with our ladies group to a Greek restaurant here in town that I have never been to...it was good, and the visiting was really nice.

More next time...


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