A Midsummer's Afternoon....

Thought i should update, before we get to September.

My last day of work yesterday. I thought about blowing it off, but we really need the money, and our staff field day was today (more on that later), so I also wanted to go to that.

Our Cousins reunion was a great success! I had a ton of fun holding babies, chatting with cousins I don't see often, and camping. I even spent a night in the tent alone:) (It would have been two nights, but I got chicken the first night, and slept in my parents' guest room. I got to see Norah..she's such a cutie! We spent the week going to the lake, and we also went to Wells Gray Park. We went on a bit more of a hike than we bargained for! It was a lovely hot week, and I am soo glad we went.

Last Saturday, I went to the river/park. I haven't gone this summer yet (partly due to high water, and partly due to it being chilly, and then I was just plain busy). I had a great time. I didn't want to come home. We have been terrible at going to church this summer...I think we plan to go this Sunday.

My last week of work was this week..(oh yah, i already said that..lol), and it was good...but I am glad I am done. It felt odd doing things last night for the last time..taking down my stuff on my bulletin boards, and packing my stuff to go home. It feels weird, actually. I am a bit anxious, scared of what school (and beyond) brings. I KNOW that the Lord has a plan for both of us!

Hubby and I have some good visits this week. I love talking with him. We seem to be doing really well right now. I think when we do more things together, we tend to do better in our relationship.

So, today, we had our annual Staff Day. For the last few years, they have taken a day (usually a Friday) and do something fun. (Did I mention that they pay us to do this??) Last year we went to Sun Peaks, and this year, after delays, change of plans (we were going to go to Cirque De Soleil), we ended up going horseback riding at a riding stable here in town. I didn't go..partly due to my fear of horses, it being VERY hot, and I wasn't feeling the greatest. I stayed back and chatted with the others that had already gone (they went in two groups). We had a nice picnic, that they had catered, and the stable grounds themselves were really nice (but NOT shade!). They had a reception/games room, where I sat and read...they even had washrooms:) There were animals, and some games. It was pretty hot to be playing, but we still had fun. We grabbed a drink on the way home, then I had a few errands to run. I got my hair cut/braided today. It had been bothering me for awhile, so I just decided to go and get it cut! She ended up braiding it, which I really like. Grabbed pizza on the way home, and I uploaded my pics...and just generally relaxing.

One really neat thing that happened to me last night...there is a parenting magazine that I often read, and I saw in this past issue that they were looking for a writer for their "The day in the life series" (ok, it's not called that, but it's something similar). I have often thought about writing about being a childless mama (in that magazine, and maybe in other areas). I emailed the editor, asking her about my doing a column on being a childless mama...and she LOVED the idea..soo, I will be writing for them for the year! It is a bi-monthly (every two months) magazine, so I don't have to worry about writing EVERY month...but even if I did, I wouldn't care. I am soo happy! You would have thought I had been given the moon, or something!! I was so excited that I called my mom who was in Vancouver with her friend, and I woke her up!! She was happy that I called, though.

Well, that's about it for now....trying to get my stuff for school found, and bought. Going to enjoy the next few weeks.


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