Just a few more things I forgot to mention....

I am handing out resumes this week, and I did a bit last week, too. I am really hoping that this program works better for me..and they do their job, and help me find one:)

I really want to add some pizzazz to my life..good stuff, of course! While on our trip down to the coast last Thursday, Mom was talking about a book she was reading...I think I really need a life coach..but would probably do better getting some coaching from someone else. Our life is boring (ok..I know our day to day life is busy...but not our over all life), and needs more..well, LIFE to it!!

I am STILL losing my hair...I think from all the health problems. I am getting the home oxygen team to come (or me go there), to assess my O2 levels I seem to be having sore legs when I walk up hill.

I went to a wedding ceremony on the 12th of June for a daughter of some church friends of ours. It was very nice. I tend to not go to ceremonies where I am not invited to the reception, but I decided to go...Such a lovely service.

The next wedding we go to is for another daughter of some friends of ours. Her dad was one of our groomsmen. I do know her (the daughter) a I am sure it will be a fun wedding. It will b e here in Kamloops, so no travel plans needed.

The fact that I went with mom/dad saved us about $400:) We were charged by the camp site for our first night, and they were unable to credit we have a credit.


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