Five on Friday/Weekend Wrap Up

I have been meaning to blog all weekend, about the FoF, and for much longer about our Christmas and New Year's. I hope to do a few more posts this week sometime. But for now, here are my Fives from the last week.

1) New PJ's

I used to buy PJ's ALL.THE.TIME years a pair every week. I still love new PJ's, but they have gone up in price, and I end up buying other things. I bought new PJ's, from..where else?-Wal-Mart the other day, and I LOVE THEM!!! They were the first pair that I had bought in two years.

2) Ear Drops

I have had some sort of an ear infection for a week, and I am thankful that I have a running prescription on ear drops. I have been using them, and they have been helping.

3) Melatonin

I have been having issues with not sleeping for awhile now, and I went to my doctor before Christmas, and he said that I could try Melatonin. I am on a very low dose of 3mg, and I think that it is helping.

4) Breakfast Maker

I love my Tupperware Breakfast Maker. I made French Toast in it the other morning, and it was really good. Ok, it was a tad dry, but it was still good.

5) Reading/Planning/Journalling

I ended off the weekend by doing some reading, planning, and journalling, and it was MUCHLY needed!!! I also was able to redeem my Free Drink. I had the Caramel Apple Spice, and I had them add some salt to it (the stuff they add for the salted caramel mocha). It was SO GOOD!

The wknd itself was good: Friday, I am not sure what I did. I think I went to the library, and then I relaxed at home for a bit. I went to my neighbours to visit for a bit. Then I was in bed around 10. Saturday, I slept in, and I hung out in the morning. I ran errands, and went to the library. I came home and did a few things. Anker and I finished taking the decorations down and put away. I went to meet up with Mom to give her her bday present (she was in town this wknd), and then we ended up going for coffee. I came home and watched TV, and read magazines. Sunday, I went to church, then to McD's, and then home for a bit. I watched Big Bang Theory, and laid down for a bit. I went back out to Starbucks to do some reading/planning/journalling, then over to my neighbours for cake. Anker stayed home and got a few things done.


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