Tuesday, June 22, 2021

It's Summer!!

 Happy SUMMER, friends! I hope you are all doing well, and trying to stay cool, and out of the heat. Do you like summer? The heat? No? I like a little bit of both :)

Here are some randoms...

1)..it is HOT, people! And it is supposed to get even HOTTER!! I am not entirely sad about...:)

2) We had a very low key Father's Day this year. We didn't even go up to the ranch, though I realized that we probably could have gone up there if we had wanted to. A and K went up (for various reasons), and they had a nice time with the family..BBQ, etc. I love me a party, and I was a tad sad that I didn't end up going...but I stayed at their house and Quail-sat, and watched tv :) So, I really can't complain :) I did get a card and a gift card for my own dad, that they took up with them. I said a nice thing on FB (but I forgot to do one on IG..oh well), and called Dad twice, and that was that :)

3) I found out that I won a contest on IG with DQ and Reece's! I love me some free stuff. I also had tried to win a STAYCATION in Kamloops, but I didn't win that, and I was sad. I am currently entered to win another prize pack (which includes Golf!), so I hope and pray I win it. 

4) I seem to be busy doing this, that, and other other thing. Btwn the boys, hanging out with friends, I seem to be busy!

5) Our garden (such as it is this year) is growing! Anker planted a smaller garden this year. We have already had spinach, and we have a ton of strawberries coming..FINALLY! Sunflowers seem to have SOMEHOW gotten planted AGAIN this year! Anker had taken down the stalks last year, but somehow those little seeds just planted themselves :)

6) Life is still slowly returning back to normal. Life is happening, and I am here for it. Even the most cautious of people are starting to live life again. BC-wide travel for recreation is now allowed (I think?), and interprovincial travel (recreationally) is soon allowed, if it isn't already. Movie Theatres have now opened. I went with my friend to see Peter Rabbit 2, and it was a good movie! Maybe even better than the first one? My friend and I had seen the first one in the theatre, and I thought it would be fun to see the second one in the theatre as well. And yes, I did order a big old thing of popcorn with LAYERED butter! Masks are still being worn in public indoor spaces, and, when it comes to church, meals (our restaurants have reopened!), and movie theatres while you are walking around, otherwise, you can take them off. 

7) I am definitely feeling old sometimes...:) I have my twice yearly back pain...I think it was from sleeping A and Ks couch (guest room wasn't avails), combined with sitting the movie theatre chairs...It is getting better....I think.

8)  I had my 45th bday earlier this month. Y'all...I am oooold! The day itself was pretty low key. Anker had made us waffles (which turned to pancakes), which was sweet. I took myself out for my Starbucks birthday drink, and I met up with my friend for a quick birthday chat at the park. She gave me some lovely gifts (I posted them on my IG..go ahead and take a look). Then, I went to the library, and of course, I enjoyed seeing the well wishes on FB :) We ended up having a quick picnic of Mary Brown's Chicken. It was a bit windy, so we didn't stay long. I spent the rest of the evening on the phone with family. It wasn't a bad day, at all, really. Earlier in the week, I had gone up to the mall to get my free gift from Sephora, and I spent some of my bday money (and I "told" Anker that he had bought me a gift!) at Saje (yes, I am THAT lady now..I never would have thought I would become that crazy oil lady!), and I had bought a CD (yup, I still have CDs!) from Sunrise Records. I also think I used some of my bday money on bills..oh well :) Ha! So, instead of Anker going out and buying me a gift, I will usually go and buy myself one, and tell him that it is from him :) I also had a little picnic for one that same day as well :) The week before, I was at the ranch with the boys, and Mom had asked me what I wanted to do for my bday...a tea party there (my aunt has her bday 5 days before me), or for her to come into town, and we have a girls evening. I decided to do the tea party. Mom had invited two friends that I have connected with (well, one more than the other), and my SIL, and my two aunts, and it was perfect! We had a lite supper, and we were able to have most of the party outside before the mosquitoes came to say hello! I wanted pie instead of cake, and Mom had a lovely pie. It was the first time in awhile that I had had my bday at home. The next weekend, some of my friends from town took me to Kelowna (the next largest city south east). I might blog about that as well. It was a lovely and hot day.

9) I am looking after the boys (along with my brother-their dad) for two weeks while K is travelling for work. I am thinking of what we want to do...we might go to the ranch for a few days...at any rate..send help! I am sure we will find things to do..H (10) and I already have talked about what we want to do. I am staying over, to save on gas, etc. I will most likely come back (I have to switch clothes, I am sure), every couple or few days to say to Anker :)

10) I have had picnics in the park with friends, playing in the park with the boys; and basically general fun as been had.

11) I am still looking for work. I had my first interview in ages yesterday. It sounds like it might be promising..we will see, though. I kind of like not working, but I do miss the routine (and money!). Bills are starting to get behind...fun times :)

12) I have decided NOT to get V'd..at least not for now. I don't feel that there is substantial evidence to say that it is safe. And no...it isn't b/c I have followed Conspriracy Theorists on Social Media...well, I guess it has partly to do with that....it just common sense...it is like the fast food of vakseens. Just sayin'. I did bring it up with my Nurse Practitioner (see below), and said that I should get it. He did say that they were working on when SARS was around, but didn't need to use it, as it had "gone away"..so that made me feel a bit better, but not much. I will do a bit more research, and I will probably get it done in the fall. I fear that the end of the world is coming. I don't want to make decisions out of fear/propaganda. I know that in most countries, you aren't really allowed to travel unless you have had the Jab...I dunno; I am scared for our children! I could go on about this, but I will leave it for now..lol.

13)  And I have a Nurse Practitioner now! After not having a PCP for nearly 2 years, I have finally got one! He is great, and on this side of town :) I like having a health care provider that I can count on. One of our longest standing WI clinics have closed; so having one that is designated for me makes me happy! And, yes, very THANKFUL!

14) Y'all, gas is expensive!!! $1.42/ltr. I am not happy! We also need to get brakes done on our car, and an oil change is due...:)

15) Movies and Mags are still abounding :) I still watch tv (lots..lol; whether it be on NF, OD, PVR'd, or LIVE tv/movies. I still get magazines out of the library by the truck load, as well as books, but I don't seem to read books much anymore...H always wonders why I don't read books..lol :) I just tell him that I do sometimes, but magazines are a quick thing to read, and they make me feel that I have accomplished "something". I am still watching Hallmark movies, and I have no shame! It is now Summer Nights on W Network :)

16) I had my MRI a few weeks ago...my cysts on my ovaries seem to be slow in growing since my last U/S, which is a blessing. I think they have even shrunk a bit..Yay. I haven't had any pain (I don't think my stomach pain I have had on and off for a few years is related; but yes, I am keeping an eye on it). And yes..Peri/Pre menopause is real, friends! I also found out art I have gained a the "quarantine 15". Sigh.

17) So far, no real fires (there are a few, but they have been semi-contained) or floods, for which we are very happy about.

18) There is a new (well two) ice cream shop in our city! They serve the same kind of ice cream that the other one does, but it is closer to us, instead of us having to go downtown. The Ice Cream Social opened up a couple of months ago, and Anker and I went for a quick date to run a few errands, and we decided to try it out. Oh my word. DELISH, Y'all!! I had the Saskatoon Pie, and oh my goodness! It was SO GOOD!! It is also hilarious, b/c it is by a medical clinic...ha! I think I might take the boys there sometime during my stay :)

19) I am having my monthly sushi date with my friend. The last one we tried was Taka Japanese Restaurant, and it was really good!!!

20) Anker's sister gifted us not only a week's worth of meals from Good Food, but she also gave us an extra GC to help offset the cost that I would have had to have paid. She says she loves out of the all the ones (HF, CP) that she has used. I do like that they offer some groceries, as well as some brunch meals. I personally don't think that it is MY favourite, but hey, free is free!! It WAS nice having to have meals planned for us. 

21) Our little place gets SO HOT...so we finally broke down and put in the window A/C after a few hot days at the beginning of June. The kitchen gets super hot, especially around 5-6, so often, we will have a light supper that doesn't involve a lot of use of the stove or oven.

This is why I don't blog often..it takes HOURS (this took 2 or more hours), and I get obsessed by what I post (links, photos). I have a few other posts that I want to write and publish (I had abunch last year that I was going to write and publish, but I never got around to doing it, so I just deleted them..I might do one on our new floor, but I don't think so now).https://www.makegoodfood.ca/en/home.

I have realized that through all this that God is Good, He still sits on His throne, and He has provided for us!!

Happy Summer, friends! I leave you with the sunset from Sunday night. Feel free to head on over to my IG/FB to check out my photos!

Monday, June 14, 2021

Where Does the Evangelical Church Belong Admidst The Grief?

 Again, I am no expert, and I am sure I will (or have) say the wrong thing (in regards to TRS), but again, I took to IG to post some of my heartfelt and what would some say as my inexperienced advice :

This was recorded in Ontario with First Nations (i am assuming) joining in the worship. I love the feel of this album's music. In Rev.7:9, it says that every tribe and tongue(nation) will stanf before His Throne and will worship Him. Some of the songs are sung in French and Ojibwe. I 100% agree that it is time for the church to rise up. Kamloops (Tkemlups) is from the Shuswap/Secwepemc language that means #meetingofthewaters. Meeting and to join. Together. Unity. I blv that this the time for #firstnationsand whites to worship and join together! I blv this is the time to come together and to let the healing of what happened not so long ago begin. 


This is a high number. Numbers are like experiences; they are relative. Last month, the entire country was in shock when RCMP and ground-penetrating radar equipment found the remains of 215 children on the grounds of the former Kamloops Residential School (from here on in, I will be referring to it either as KRS or TRS). For those who might not know, from the late 1870s until 1996 (yes, you read that right), The Canadian Government, and then the Catholic Church (and at times, both) forcibly removed First Nations/Aboriginal/Indigenous children from their homes to be "educated" in a Residential School; which was in most cases, far from their homes. In some cases, the "school" was across from their family home. What happened there was nothing short of a prison (though I have read that in SOME cases, and probably few and far between the children had a semi-good experience). Not only were they forbidden to speak their language, wear their own clothes, have their faith, but they were abused, tortured and experimented on. In the heart of our city, there still stands the old "school" (I put that word in quotation marks, b/c they don't deserve to be called schools) that housed up to 500 (most likely at one time) kids; ages 3 to high school age. It was a Residential school until 1969, then it became a day "school", where although the kids could go home at night, they were most likely abused while there, as well. This is a dark and dirty secret of our country. As a Canadian, Christian, and Caucasian women, I am actually embarrassed! It gives the Church a bad name, and it makes ALL Christians look bad. That is NOT how Jesus loves and cares for His kids! 

I am sorry. I am sorry that this happened. On behalf of the Church, I am sorry. On behalf of my race, I am sorry. On behalf of my country, I am sorry. This was not ok. This was horrible. Deplorable. This is evil on all kids of levels. Evil in almost every form. I wrote this little blurb on IG the day or so after it happened, and I am going to share it here:

There are no words. ❣215❣ We mourn and weep with and for you at this heinous tragedy. We are listening. We are s.will speak up and out about this. We are doing our research. We are reading and remembering your history. We are remembering the lives lost. The last residential school closed in 1996/7. There were so many children who died while in these "schools". I am so, so sorry. Jesus heals and He sees you in your grief and trauma. He can heal and restore.

There is going be a special place in Hell for anyone who did harm to those children (I think there will be a special place in Hell for anyone doing ANY harm to any child). I cannot even fathom what they(you) must have (and are) going through. I am comforted that they are in Heaven, dancing with Jesus, but that does not make this loss any less bearable for the families.

Why didn't they bury them in marked graves, you ask? Well, simply put, they killed them. There is a cemetery for the children who died "legitimately" while in their care, but as for the rest? Well, they were told that they simply "ran away". Here is an article from CBC that can explain it better than I can..you can read it here

There is a ton more that I can say on subject, but I won't, mostly b/c I can't say it as we as our First Nations friends can. We must be learning and researching; we must rise and and comfort them; we must not sit idle. This cannot happen again. We must speak up and out for those who are unable to do so.
Here is another good article. This is from the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (a group formed from 2008-2015 to listen to families and survivors of TRS; they created documents, etc for the. public to read and research) website...you can find it here.

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted." Matthew 5:4

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Yes, Infertility is a Loss

I have had this in my drafts for 9 months, with no text...so I thought I had better write it or delete it :) I posted this back in September in my IG, and I am going to copy some of this text from there to here...Yes! So much yes!! Infertility is a loss. It bugs me when ppl say that i didn't lose anything by not being able to have babies. This, my friends, is simply not true. When i saw this the other day, i knew i had to post. I had plans. I wanted to get married and have 4 kids. I love kids. I had my life planned out. Sadly, that didn't happen. Several health conditions later, a infertile diagnosis, and life happened. I think it will be a constant grieving process. It will never really go away. Like the loss of a child, it's always there, in the back of your mind. No, it's not as difficult, nor it might not be as sad, but it's all relative. It is the loss of pregnancy tests, announcements, ultrasounds, gender reveals, births, baby showers, dresses, bows, outfits, playing the "name game", feeling loved and fussed over. It is the loss of mommy groups, talks with friends and sisters about babies and kids, nursery duty, dedications of babies, among so many other things. I don't know why Jesus chose this life for us, but it's here. It's who we are (i am) this life we (i) live, and it is painful, sad, and brutal, but it is also having a new plan, learning new things, seeking God in a different way. I trust in Him in a different way now. It can also be beautiful, and lovely. I am loved, i am fussed over; i love on my nieces and nephews, even tho pg and baby related things can be hard at times. I am not a disappointment, a disaster, or a failure. I am enough. You, my infertile friend, are enough! This is the other side of #infertility. The side that no one talks about, no one wants to talk about it. This is what happens when #ivf and #adoption#donorsperm#donoreggs, and #surrogacy aren't an option.    

Now for the "fresh stuff"; today, my mind and heart are heavy with the weight that we can't have children, and this is all there is. Some people have said to me (and to others); "you must not have wanted a baby bad enough.", and "What about adoption?", like we are going to pick out a dog or a cat from the shelter (though adoption from shelters the last few years feel kind of like adoption a child!). There is a process. A huge process. It is expensive. Even if you adopt through MCFD (BC Family and Social Development), which is basically free (foster to adopt, usually), it is still a process. And now with both Anker and I "older", it is not feasible. Most of the time, I am ok with...(hello, sleep in!), but some days, like today, I just feel sad and lonely. And yes, I grieve the loss of infertility nearly every day.  I feel like I am not good enough. My body can't seem to do what God created it to do...give life. Anker and I are the one 1 in 8 in Canada who are infertile. I call our situation "double infertility", b/c we are both infertile. We also have health problems, which doesn't make having a child (bio or adoption) any easier. I sometimes think that God overlooked/forgot about us, but I know that His plans are better than ours. Life isn't easy, whether you have children or not. Everyone has a hardship in life, at some point in their lives. 

But infertility is most definitely a loss. A loss what could have happened; a loss of milestones, graduations, birthdays, and a million other things. It doesn't help that kids, Mother's Day, milestones, etc are all documented on Social Media. Sometimes, I literally just can't take anymore cuteness on FB/IG, and I have to put my phone away and do something else. Sometimes, the loss is so great, I can hardly stand it...but I know that God is there for us; for me, and life IS going to be ok; even without children!

Also, i totally forgot until after it was over that it was #ciaw2021 a few weeks ago. I was hoping to share something about it, but i didn't know what to say that i already haven't said. Infertility is still this shrouded taboo subject that people won't talk about...but it is getting more mainstream, and that makes me happy! 

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Spring Has Sprung /SpringDate on Us

 I had the title in my drafts for a couple of months, so I guess I had better write it and post it before it is winter :) 

I can't believe that it is almost SUMMER (officially!). We have had a pretty nice spring so far. I often forget what the weather was like after a day or so, but I know that it has been pretty nice...we are getting some rain today, which is needed.

What's Up with Us:

Nothing! Ha! Anker went to my parents for a few days during their Shearing (shaving the wool off the sheep, and yes, it is done humanely) week. We went out for the weekend, and I left him there on Sunday. I think he will go out there again next month to help out. There is always something for him (or anyone!) to do there. 

We had a semi-family reunion a couple of weeks ago. Since we are all in the boys' circle of care, it was all perfectly legit. Also, I am tired of C0v1d...anyone else? Anyway, we celebrated H's 10th bday, which was a wonderful time. I can't believe H is 10!!! He is a wonderful, kind, funny, and crazy kid! He loves his little brother so much, and loves to "brother" him, which is hilarious! I love spending time with them. They really are hilarious! Both boys talk almost non-stop! Their parents are finishing up their bathroom Reno, and doing lots of yard work. I have been spending a lot of time with them, as that is only place that we are really "allowed" to go (other than outside celebrations).

My church is back to meeting outside. Most churches in BC are doing either "drive in" or "outside" church. I have gone a few times, but I slept in on Sunday, and since they had moved it to 10, I was far to late to go. I should probably listen to it, though.

Mother's Day weekend, we were at my parents' (see above), and I was kind of not looking forward to it (celebrating MD), but in the end, it turned out ok. Anker came to church (he only goes when he is at my parents'), and it was kind of neat that this little village church had their own FM station :) Ha! We still had/have to wear masks. And yes, they did communion. I love how churches are being creative when it comes to communion. Sadly, there is to be no singing, socializing, or sipping (coffee). Hehe :)

I seem to be busy with this that, and other thing. I have been hanging with Adam and Co (my brother)/the boys, going to the library, errands, coffee (outside), hanging with some friends (mostly outside), watching TV/movies, cleaning the house, reading, job searching, going to the ranch, and sleeping!

I have also joined Epicure, and I have been enjoying it so far. I have done two online parties, and I was able to get some fun stuff as rewards :) I have also been thinking about doing social media marketing (IG/FB) for companies. Nothing has come of that yet. I am also still trying to become an Social Media star/influencer. Yah, thing has come from that, either. I have also been looking for work, and or thinking about starting up a business of some kind. God has been faithful with taking care of us, however. And we are very thankful. We have never gone hungry, nor have gone homeless. 

We have also paid off our car :) We are VERY thankful that that is done with. We had a "dayte" the other day. We went to a few stores to look around. I also got our tires changed over to summer tires. I also got a new Primary Health Provider. I have been without a Dr/NP for 18 months, as our last Dr. left his practice. Anker got a new doctor, but she didn't take me on, as I was too young (she was only taking people 55+). I have a nurse practitioner, and he has been great so far!

Anker has been up and down. He does well for a bit, then he has a few bad days or a week, then he is good for awhile. Right now, he has been suffering from when I accidentally elbowed him in my sleep. I almost took in him to the hospital on Sunday, but he did feel better when he took pain meds, so I made him an appointment with the Walk in (call in) clinic, and of course, he was feeling better by the time he talked with the Dr! He is feeling better today, so that is good! He is growing a small garden this year. He definitely not as into gardening this year as he has been the last few years. We did go and spend a few days at the ranch in January together, and we stayed in my parents' cabin, which was lovely.

There are more things that I could say here, but I think it would just bore you, and now I have forgotten about what they were! Oh yah...This is Us' 4th season will be its last season. I am not sad about it, as I was going to stop watching it, anyway. I will probably finish it off, as it only has one season left. I will start watching series' (like THE CROWN), and then I will just stop watching it. FRIENDS is having a reunion, and I wish I could say I will be there for it, but I don't think we will get HBO MAX! I hope to find it SOMEWHERE online. I am glad that most of my shows are done after this week. I watch A LOT of tv :) I watch shows on Food Network, HGTV, and of course, my Hallmark movies! I think Grey's should just end after this season....it is like pounding a dead horse (IHMO), though I WILL say that the last few episodes have been good...so maybe Shonda and her writers have been given some fresh new ideas?

I have a little less than 500 groups on FB, and I changed some of them so that I receive ALL notifications. Yah, that was a mistake...lol :) Now I am getting notifications every second :) Ha! I am trying to read real books. I still seem to be only reading magazines, and even THAT has been slow! I haven't journaled in months. 

I also got a long over due hair cut earlier this month. I needed it HORRIBLY! I still wear my hair up, but least there is less of it now, and it is less damaged. Did I say that my friend gave me a FREE hair cut? 

Monday, March 29, 2021

Bleh in the City: The One Year Covid-Versary

 Happy SPD, All :)

I have a confession to make. I am not happy today. I mean, I am...but I am feeling very discouraged. Not a lot of money right now; we thought some money was coming, but we haven't received it yet. No job prospects. Yes, I am looking every few days. I am missing my family. I am just...bleh. Anker isn't doing very well, either. His liver has been acting up. His PBC is back, so he is back on meds. It has been nice outside, so that is good. I am trying to walk every other day (or more). I am actually scared that I won't find anything soon. I know I shouldn't worry, but I do. It's hard not to. I am even thinking of looking for work out of town. I am also thinking of starting a small business, but even that seems like too much work. I miss people. I miss church. I miss sitting ANYWHERE inside without a mask. I miss girls' get togethers. I miss family get togethers. I even missing Ladies Bible Study! I miss hugging my people. It's not to say that I haven't done these things for a full year; when things relaxed a bit, we did see my family, we had get togethers outside, and I do go on walks with friends sometimes. I don't know what is going to happen this year. I know no one does, but I hate not even having a bit of a plan. What happens if things get bad again? If I get a job, what happens if I don't like it? What if my coworkers don't like me? What if I can't do said job? What happens if I can't find ANY job soon? Sigh...there are so many unknowns, and I hate unknowns!

                                                          My 3 yr old nephew took this!!

It has been one year since "Covid" and "corona" (and not the beer!) became a house hold words. We started learning words like "quarantine", "social distancing", "(self) isolation", and "flatten the curve". Masks are now a part of our fashion industry. Zoom and Google Meet probably didn't know what hit them this time last year. Virtual events have been at 10000% more than last year. Sourdough bread, Dolgona Coffee, TikTok, virtual field trips, travel, concerts shows, and even those "Master Class" classes are more popular than ever. Curbside pickup (online shopping) has been at an all time high. Services like Skip the Dishes, Door Dash, have been crazy busy. People working from home, kids/adults learning from home. Drive by birthday parties, virtual meals and holidays with family, YouTube tutorials are most likely in the millions of views right now. Meal prep kits have probably been at an all-time high in sales, along with disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, and who knows what else. Streaming services I know have probably quadrupled their sales. "Binge-watching" is no longer a seemed a guilty pleasure, but now an acceptable activity. Living in sweats and PJs is ok! Business on top, and PJs on the bottom are seen (or not seen!) as ok! Family (dog, kids, etc) interruptions during meetings are no longer a huge embarrassment. Although I am sure most people are back to work by now, it is certainly a different feeling than it was last year. No Christmas get together, no baking brought to the office. Let's face it; our world has changed. Some of it not all bad, either. But some of it. has been stressful; mental illness, loneliness, domestic violence, and drug (including opioid use) is at an all time high, alcohol consumption is WAY higher than it was this time last year (among other negative effects, I know). Hate crimes (and crimes in general) have gone up. #stopasianhate And hello, Quarantine 15!! I miss concerts, and plays. I miss the summer events that this town had. I miss the vibe that this town had. Even if I didn't go to well, ANY events, it was fun to see, hear and read about them. I am thankful that our city did do their annual spring/summer/fall Farmers' Market, for which I only went to twice :)

I know there have been wonderful and kind stories that have come out from all of this. We have all seen and heard of them. So, it hasn't all been bad :) But, life without human contact has been hard on the best of us. I do have a VERY small bubble of who I hang out with. When I meet with friends, it is usually out in the park or in a coffee shop (why we can do that, and not have friends over at a distance in our home is beyond me!), or on their deck or outside, if the weather allows. I have gone to my parents' a few times, but I mostly stay in their B&B cabin and have minimal meals with them, and I/we haven't been there since January. When things "relaxed" a bit, we did have "Fakesgiving" (one week early) at my parents', with my brother and his wife coming from VI. I pretty much only have been hanging out with my brother and his family (regarding going to people's houses).

I started on this on March 17th, and I did the last 3rd today, March 29th :) I have actually been feeling a bit better, as is Anker, so that is a real plus :) As far as looking for work, well, I am doing it slowly, but I have a few ideas of doing things independently, so I am not rushing right now. I am thankful for everything in my life. It isn't easy, but I know that God is watching over us, and He is taking care of us :) Also, spring has sprung, so who can be mad/sad about that?

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

No Words

 I will be honest. I am a bit of a hyprocrit. I LOVE my Hollywood mags, and will follow things online, but when it comes to Award shows, I rarely watch them. I try to watch the Oscars every year. I used to watch all the award show, but now that we have access to them online, as they happen, I mostly just tend to follow them via IG, etc. Half the time, I forget that they are on until after I see something online or on tv the next day.

Last night, my aunt and I chatted for a few minutes; she said that she was watching the Grammy's (shocker..she RARELY watches award shows!), so we talked about that for awhile; she said that a "horrible woman and song came on, and I had to turn it off".  I wasn't surprised, as I thought it might have been a bit too much for my aunt's eyes. I pegged it to a lady or two, and then decided to peruse IG for who it might have been. I saw a couple of posts on a few Hollywood IG pages, and the comments were eluding to (along with the picture) that it was an R-rated performance. I decided to record it again, since I saw that it was coming on at 8 (the West Coast, I guess). Well, I watched it today. Umm...I am not going to name names...but oh.my.word. I couldn't even watch it. I.cannot.unsee.that. What I saw was the most horrendous thing I have ever seen. My aunt was NOT exaggerating! I think it was even worse than last years Super Bowl (maybe on a different level). It was basically a stripping show. No freaking lie.

I am shocked that they a) (the ladies) even had the gall to do such a thing, and b) that the tv network had the gall to show it. It was even pre-recorded, so it is not as if they couldn't have omitted anything, due it to being live. This is entertainment, folks. Our children watch this. One of these ladies even has a daughter! What are they teaching their children????? I am not a prude. I am (mostly) of the thought, "if you have the body and the confidence to show off your body IN A DECENT MANNER, then go ahead", but this was toooooo much! 

As adults (people of faith or not), what are teaching our kids (mainly girls, but boys, too) when we a) allow them to listen to their music, and b) allow them to watch their concerts, or on awards shows? I can tell you right now, that 100% of girls (and boys, as well) look up to these young ladies (and young men) in the entertainment industry. I would no more allow my 10 yr old to go to ANY of these ladies' concerts than fly in the air. Ok, there are a few that I would probably allow them to see...but not many, at all. It isn't just about their "fashion" and how they carry themselves; it is about their words in the songs. Most of what the singers are sining is for adults; let's face it...what 10 year old knows half of what they are listening to, anyway? But, even if they do like listening to Swift, Grande, etc...these young ladies need to be a MODEL for them. That means not taking off their clothes and dancing around like they are at a strip club (to be fair, Taylor was adorable, and I actually don't mind her clothes choice most of the time). Girls need to know that they don't need to act like that to get attention. Boys need to know that they need to respect a girl; that she demands respect. Girls need to be respected, but they need to act respectful. To themselves, to others, and to their bodies. I am just so sad to see this at all. It is one thing to go to concert (mostly) knowing that what you will see may or not be R-rated; you kind of know what you are getting yourself into (this stuff shouldn't happen at all, but that is a whole other blog post). But to see that stuff on primetime TV? Say whaaat?? 

My aunt said that she thought they must feel terrible about themselves if they dress and dance like that, and I don't think she is entirely wrong. They probably don't feel that they can express themselves fully unless they have no clothes on and are dancing like, well..you know!

Anyway, those are my two cents about the Grammy's! I WILL say that Trevor Noah did a great job noting, and a lot of the ladies had beautiful dresses on (Lizzo, Taylor)! I loved that they had it outside of the Staples Center (re), and it was done up very nicely! So, the Grammy's weren't a total right off, and at least they had the WAP dance towards the end of the show and not at the beginning, so I guess that is something, at least. I also shudder to think of how much human trafficking happened last weekend. Super scary!!

It's Summer!!

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