Five on Friday - First Week of School Edition

Yes, it's now Wednesday, and I am just now getting to write about LAST

1) Back to School Picture

I don't have children, but I took a picture of myself going back to school...because, you know..#blogginggoals.

2) An Awesome Class

I love the class this year! They are all SO sweet!!

3) Mid-Week Waffles

Who says that waffles have to be only on weekends? Anker had made waffles the weekend before, and I woke up craving them, so I had them with peaches, bananas, and Greek yogurt. Yum!

4) An Amazing Teacher

I work with an AMAZING TEACHER! She is so sweet and patient with the kids AND me!!! She is super caring and kind. She brought me a PSL on Friday!

5) Friday Coffee With Friends

Two of my co-workers and I went for coffee on Friday after school. I had the SCM, and it was SO GOOD!!

Sorry so late, but I (and so can you) still link up!!


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