Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Link Ups/10 Things of Thankful

1. My RAP on my SL has been approved. So, another 6 months of not having to pay it back!!!

2. Our Noisy/Rude Neighbours are Moving!!! Both sides of us are odd, but the weirdest ones are moving out. Actually, he is apparently gone already, and she is moving out soon!!!

3. FMC Site is almost up and Running. And then, my blog post that I sent will be published. Then, we will be famous. Or something.

4. Time at The Ranch. It is Tuesday, and I am at the Ranch as I type this. I love me some time in/on/at the Country. My parents are in AB for a few days, so, it is fun not having them here. I mean, I miss them terribly!!

5. My Grandpa is doing better. He fell a week ago (?), and we were all really worried about him, as he fell two years ago, and it set him back. Thankfully, he is doing quite well. He is still in the hospital, but he is walking, and visiting quite well, which is awesome.

6. My Sister is Safe. She went on her first tropical vacay for a week, and with all natural disasters, and kidnappings, and be-headings happenings, I was a tad concerned. She messaged me this morning, and she is safe and sound.

7. A/C. Ok. as of now, it isn't fixed, but I have faith that it will be fixed today. Cause our mechanic is so awesome.
***He fixed it!!! And our FOB is working again!!!***

8. Time With Hubby. We have spent some time together lately (and not just each in a different room), which has been great. We went out for supper and an early bday celebration with/for H, as they will be away for his bday. We also watched a few episodes of Y&R the other day, and we went to the local green house to get some plants. AND we did a bit of grocery shopping yesterday (Monday). My brother and him also had a nice talk on Saturday.

9. My Back Healing. I put my back out over the wknd. I have NEVER had back pain like that. Neck pain, yes, but not back pain (at least not that I can remember). I now have empathy for people who suffer from severe back pain. I could hardly move/walk. Thankfully, it didn't hurt while/when I was sitting, or even walking (too much), but when I got up from laying down/sitting, it hurt. has almost all healed. Yay!!

10. A Great Deal on Meat. Hubs and I found some pork for $23. It was a SUPER good deal, so we took it. Anker cut it up himself, and made chops, roast, and even ground some up for tacos, etc. My guess is that we will be eating A LOT of pork in/for the next while. ****I also scored some FREE Mutton and Beef from the ranch...we already had some hamburger Salsbury steaks tonight..yum!!****

****So, I have two more...sue me :)****
11. My Niece's are Coming! I am (hopefully) going to see them the end of May. I am so excited!!! I cannot wait!!! I am also hoping to go and see my brother and SIL in Vernon for a few days, too, next month.

12. Kitties. Oh my goodness. They are so adorable, I can't even stand it. We played with them for probably an hour on Sunday. They are the cutest little things. We have homes for all of them.


Christine said...

I've had plenty of injuries and pains in my life, and back pain really is one of the worst. Glad yours is feeling better.
No TToTer will ever scold you for having more than 10 thankfuls. We encourage it! (Of course, we won't scold you for less than 10 either.) :)

The A Team said...

Hahaha...Thanks, Christine!! I am telling you, I have had neck pain (which is sore, don't get me wrong)...but back pain is brutal!!! Thank you for visiting!!!

Clark Farley said...

(lol.... well, not precisely scolded, Christine... more like, 'ok everyone will now grade your own papers, don't even think about changing your answers!")

always a good thing when neighbors move away, at least the bad ones, since they are like weather, you have no control on who moves in, you just have to hope that bad ones either are not too bad or move on sooner rather than later.

backpain, I hear, is always a good thing to have finally leave... total grat Item, for sure!

Unknown said...

We used to have lunatic neighbors... such a relief when they're gone! KITTENS! back pain? :( and no worries about the numbers the first T in TToT is silent!

Anonymous said...

A wonderful Twelve Things of Thankful post. I feel the positive energy. Visits from nieces are wonderful.

The A Team said...

Thank you, everyone, for visiting!!! Yes...12...:)

May said...

Bonus thankfuls are always good! The one about husband and you spending time together aka not in the same house/different rooms resonated here. Life is so busy! But we make a point to eat dinner together-no electronics-every night.

Kristi said...

Glad your back is feeling better.
We're always happy to read more than 10 things of thankful! :-)

Anonymous said...

Ten, matter! Great list you have here.
I'm guessing the first one is about student loan stuff? I hear you on that. I've been very thankful for deferment and forbearance option at various points in my life and it can be a huge weight off the shoulders (and wallet).
Love the one about you and hubby spending time not just in separate rooms. We fall into that pattern and it is definitely nice to do some face-to-face time doing "real" things!
And I'm with Christine - back pain is definitely one of the worst. Glad you're feeling better!

Unknown said...

Love all of your Top 12! But seriously celebrating with you about the neighbors moving out. That's fantastic!!! You can't choose who your neighbors are, and when they are loud and hard to live next to, it just really stinks. So yippee!!! Enjoy the quiet :) Hope you had a great weekend and thanks for linking up with us at H54F!

Katie @ Cup of Tea

The A Team said...

Lisa...yes, it more payments for awhile...our PM has brought into effect that if a person makes only (or under) a certain amount, they don't have to pay on it..which I actually did make more, but with my being on sick leave, I am not making that much right, I am doing it again for another 6 months (things were tough the end of last year, too). Hubby and I spend way too much apart (in the same house, but separate rooms) has to do with the fact that he and I don't watch a lot of the same shows...). Katie...I have a feeling that they aren't moving out anymore..ugh! Not sure what is up with that. Thank you both for visiting!!!

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