Bits n Pieces

Because my last post wasn't long enough, I thought I would add a few things that I forgot, and also talk about our anniversary.

So, first of...randomness.....

H is coming back from out East, and he is so kind to bring his mom and dad back with him.

My gr. uncle died a month or so ago.The funeral is on the 12th, and I am tentatively going.

The zipper thing on my new purse broke on my purse, and now I am sad.

My sister in law's gramma died over the weekend. She was at their wedding, but I don't remember her being there at all (she gave a talk, which I don't remember either...and no, I wasn't drunk).

I am into two returning (Who Do you think You Are) and new (The Audience) shows this summer. I also watched Hotel Hell today. I kind of like it.

My grandpa came out of the hospital today. Yay! Now he just needs to get better so he can get back home.

And now on to our Anniversary from LAST Sunday! On July 27th, we celebrated our 7th anniversary. Because I had to work the night/morning before, we didn't go away as I had originally thought we might have. I slept until 5 or so, and we went to Boston Pizza for supper. We had Artichoke Spinach Dip as our appetizer, and I may or may not have had two adult bevvies. Anker had his regular order; the Calzone, and I had the quesadilla with extra corn and fries. We also shared the Chocolate Explosion cake. YUM!

 They now serve it with Pizza Bread, so it was a win-win for both of us.
 Yummy!!! I only ate two and took the rest home.
 The portion had shrunk from the last time we ordered it. It was still VERY good though.
 I accidentally asked for Hard Lemonade, instead of Hard IT. They brought Twisted Tea, which was all they had, but I mixed the two, and it tasted good, anyway.

We got home and then it was such a lovely quiet and warm night, that we both sat outside on our balcony for an hour and visited. It was a great evening.


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