July 27, 2007

Nearly two weeks ago, Anker and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. If you have been following me on here, or on FB, you know that we haven't had an easy marriage. We have overcome (and still are overcoming) illnesses, infertility, financial issues, among others. While others can lay claim to fame that they have lived (moved around) to several countries, have kids, are married basketball players, etc, we can say...we have only lived in one country, had no kids, two nieces, one nephew, survived one cat (my step-kitty), one move, 3 cars, one year of schooling, several jobs, and a bunch of Western Canada (mainly BC) road trips, lots family and friend events (marriages, funerals).

We have survived several celebrity marriages (Eva and Tony, Blake and Miranda, and Kermit and Miss Piggy come to mind..though I don't know when K and MP got married), and we don't even an eighth of the money or resources they have. Neither of us look amazing, and I wouldn't even say that either of us are a "typical spouse"; ie, being the Spiritual Leader/head of the home (him), being the sole bread winner (him), though I guess I would be considered that now...being great parents (both of us, since we don't have kids), and I can honestly say that neither of us are strong Christians at the moment, and I am sure there are more. But, we are still together. Is it always easy? No. Is it always fun? No. Are we committed? Yes. It's not perfect, and probably not really the normal marriage (but honestly, is ANY marriage, a "normal"one?). But guess what? That's ok. We aren't perfect. We annoy each other. We avoid each other (which is why I like to get out for long periods of time..lol). He snaps at me. He makes me cry. I tick him off somehow (though I am not sure how...lol). He won't talk to me. He steals the TV. He doesn't always clean us his messes. Though I will say that he is getting better at doing that...and cleaning around the house in general.

I have seen him through his hoarding phase (thankfully, we have moved, so most of his stuff is moved outside..yay!), handle his smoking (he hopes to quit soon), and I have helped him navigate the daily tasks of doing things (he is pretty good and doing most of his ADL's, but I need to remind to do certain things..and I am usually the one who fills out forms, etc), and have helped him through some pretty tough times. He, in turn, has helped me through a few very tough times...including two illnesses (infertility being one of them), two health conditions, is super chill about my going out pretty much whenever I want (or need) to, doesn't care about what I buy (for myself, for the house, etc), is helping me through my magazine and Starbucks addictions, and loves me for who I am. I have introduced him to ER, Friends, Grey's, Y&R, and he has introduced me to The Hobbit, LOTR, and several other dumb shows that I could care less about watching! Ha! We have discovered new and exciting things, like Big Bang Theory, and Facebook :)

I think the number one thing that I admire about him is that he trusts me. He doesn't care really what I do, as long as I check in with him once in awhile. I also love (actually this is probably tied with number 1), is that he is resourceful, which is probably partly he is a hoarder. He can do pretty much anything. He can pickle stuff, can fruit (do you call that preserving?), garden, clean the house, and fix things that no one else would think to know how to do. He has done a host of things, job-wise, and he KNOWS SO MUCH! If you have a conversation with him, he can pretty much engage you in any subject. I am not sure what his number one thing about me that he admires, but I think it would be (and I will ask him and probably end up changing this) that I am patient with him. Actually, I am not all that patient with him. But I don't flip out, which is what he needs, so I guess that is good. I let him have some say in things...lol. I don't plan holidays, etc without some of his imput. I think my greatest frustration with him would be that he needs to plan stuff for bdays, anniversaries, etc. Even for going for dates is tough...I am always the one planning, saying.."Let's get out, hon". I know that there are other things, but that is the one thing that really bugs me. I do all the planning, etc. It gets tiring after awhile. Of course, him not being a Spiritual leader is tough on me, but he never really was, so I can't say too much about that :) His number one frustration with me? I can't think of any, b/c I am perfect! Ha! Probably that I spend too much time at/in Starbucks! Ha! Probably that I bug him about going out more...either couple time, or meeting up with family, etc. He is SO not a people person! We are SO opposite, but SO alike in many ways. We miss each other when we're not together; the quiet presence. One of my favourite things to do is just relax with him in the living room; both of us on our computers, and watching tv...just chilling. A few words here and there...a simple conversation. I do love a good conversation. I also love a good road trip. One with not too many cars, and preferably a four lane highway. With maybe a stop or two.

So, this last anniversary was pretty good. Since it was our eighth, and gifts were supposedly bronze, linens, or lace, I was hoping to get us some new towels and or sheets, but since we are going away NEXT WEEK, we decided to let that one slide until next pay chq. My gramma gave us $50, so we used that towards our dinner. I was given a GC from a local Greek House here in town, and we have been wanting to use it for awhile...so we thought that our anniversary was a perfect time to use it. We went btwn lunch and supper, and the waitress was kind enough to give us the lunch menu. It was SO GOOD, and Anker LOVED it! After that, we headed to the ranch, and stayed at one of the cabins on the ranch, that used to be used as a B&B. I may or may not have ended the night with a cooler, magazines (Mom bought me a HELLO Magazine. I was so thrilled), and some baklava.

We spent the next few days just hanging out, relaxing, and visiting. My cousin was at the ranch, too, so we had a great visit. I had a nice visit with Mom, which was nice. I watched a couple of movies (we watched HOME last wknd...it was good), and we spent time together.

So, that is our (my) anniversary post :)
                                          Anker had the Gryo, and he said it was very good.
                                                  I had a Surf and Turf. It was very good.

                                                          Anker and I, June 5, 2015


Christine said…
Happy anniversary!
You two have had a lot to overcome/deal with in these first years. Marriage can be difficult sometimes, but working through the hard times together does lead to much better times on the other side.
Your meals do look delicious!
The A Team said…
Hi Christine...thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. Yah, it's been crazy, but that's our life, I guess. Sometimes, I really do get frustrated by it, but other times, I think...God must think we're awesome :) Ha! Have a great wknd!

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