Miscellany Monday (AKA: Brain Dump), our Anniversary Date, and a Contest/Giveaway

Happy Monday! Be prepared for a brain dump, and pictures of our Anniversary:)

I am linking up with http://www.carissagraham.com/ for my weekly MM:)

First, I would like to congratulate my blogger/Facebook Friend Stacy over at http://thegiftofrachelslife.blogspot.ca/ on the birth of their 6th baby, Ezra.

So, on to the post of the day. I was going to do this post in the form of a letter to my "subjects", but I didn't think it was going to fit this time.

I started watching Hot in Cleveland last night. I have seen a few eps before, and I loved it, and I wanted to watch it from the beginning. It is quite sad that our library only has the first few seasons.

I just heard that Hudson's Bay is going to buy Saks. I wish they would buy Tiffany:)

I also just heard that golfer Hunter Mahan left his golf game (while he was in the lead, no less!) to be with his wife at the birth of their daughter. I am so proud of him. What a guy!

The fruit I am having is amazing right now. We are having local cherries and blueberries, which taste so good! The grapes (not local) are amazing!!

Soft Cider is my new favourite cider. We had it for our anniversary date, and it was very good.

Kaluha pie is simply amazing! It cost us $8, and worth every penny.

I think I am obsessed with blogging. I found a great post by one of the many blogs I follow in relating to being a blogger. Go on over and take a read. http://sarahandderek.blogspot.ca/. I am constantly thinking about my next post, and how I am going to formulate it, what I am going to blog about, and on what day.

That being said, does anyone else feel overwhelmed with things they "have" to do? Between the books I bring home from the library, the movies I bring home from the library, or the magazines I bring home from the library, all the shows that I have on my PVR, plus work, hanging with my hubby, cleaning the house (wait, I have to clean my house??), I just feel overwhelmed, and have no idea on what (or if) I should do first. Yesterday while in church, my thoughts were consumed with "stuff". I really don't like that feeling at all. I wasn't anxious or anything, I just had a lot on my mind. Does anyone else while in their house of worship (or any place that requires your attention) get inundated with stuff they have to do?

I am half way through my Nicholas Sparks book, Safe Haven, and it is such a great read! This is his first book that I have fully read by him (I did start The Note Book, but I couldn't quite get into it, plus I was still in school at the time), and I think he is my new favourite author, plus he is cute to look at:)

We might go camping this weekend. We haven't been camping all summer, and we like to go at least once a summer. It is a lot of work, but in the end, it is nice to get away.

We have re-discovered a lake near us that we may go camping at this summer. Hubby also has a week off in August, so we might camp there after the long wknd. It is close enough that I can come in for work, if needed (and even closer than the lake we camped at last year).

I hear of all these series on Netflix, or on the web, and I am always cautious when I hear this. Why isn't it good enough for TV?

I am very glad that our provincial campgrounds (picnic area) have taken out the paid parking. The government actually taking something ("bad") away? Shocking! This happened a few years ago:)

I am SO glad that Kate came out of the hospital with Baby Cambridge looking some-what normal. I am glad she didn't hide her "mummy tummy", and that she didn't look all made up. She looked like she had given birth, like any normal mother does. Go, Kate!

They named him Prince George Alexander Louis. Our B.C town of Prince George is having a heyday with this. Every time I see or hear or read his name, I will think of the city. That cracks me up. Prince George (the city) was named after Queen Elizabeth's father, which I think is very fitting.

Our Anniversary:

We were going to go out for dinner, but because I had to fill the car with gas, and get SOME groceries, we didn't have enough to really justify to go out (it would have cost us $70). I thought of the next best thing: A picnic. We had already bought a chicken dinner the night before, we already had the main dish. We bought some fun cheese, soft cider, grapes, and the pie (see above) and we went to a lake about 20 minutes away (again, see above). It was a great decision, and I am so glad we did it. I was just thinking that we would just have it in a park in town, but he surprised me by saying he wanted to go to the lake. This is the same lake that we went to on our 3rd anniversary. You can read about it here http://thewainsateam.blogspot.ca/2010/08/long-overdue-post.html.We had a really nice time. We spent time after dinner and walked the lake and wandered around. We spent our time on the way down, and took pictures of the sunset. We came home very tired and very full, but it was a great evening. We let ourselves off the hook in getting each other cards and gifts this year, which helped things. Here are some pictures of the evening.
Our Dinner. It was very good!!
                                                            The view of the lake.
                               Our food. It probably doesn't look that good, but it really was.
                                                   Grapes and Cherrires....soooo good!
                                            Our Kaluha Pie. Yah, it was pretty amazing!

                          We drink our cider in plastic cups, because we are cool like that:)
                                                       A selfie of the two of us:)

                                                                      The geese!
                                                         The sunset/fire in the sky

So, on to the contest/giveaway part of the blog:

I would love to get more followers. I only have 7. I know a fair amount of people read this blog, but I would love some followers. Is that selfish? Maybe, but I am going to try this and see how (or if) it goes. So, I will give away an Avon product to the person who is the 25th person to follow this blog. What I will give away, I am not sure yet (I have to look in my stock!), but it will be something neat. I think I can figure out who is the most recent person who has followed, so when I see the 25th person, I will comment or email you (if you think you are the 25th person, you can do the same...). So, follow away!


Bev said…
Happy Anniversary!! Thanks for visiting me!!... I am a native Calgarian...but have Loved living in Edmonton for about 2 years of my life:)... If your husband is an Edmontonite...he will probably know the battle of the two cities:)))...
He sure does! I lived in Calgary for a few years, and I also remember the "battle of two cities".
April said…
Sounds like a great way to celebrate your anniversary. We're pretty boring and just do cards.

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