Summer, Pt 1

Yes, we're alive!! I thought I would do a quick post, b/c I am thinking that it has been awhile since i have written in this!!

We have had a fairly good summer! As far as the weather goes, we are only JUST NOW getting some "summer" weather...well, August, and September have been nice..June and July?? Only a few days were hot!!

I wouldn't say it's been a great summer, but it's been ok. I have been having some "stuff", that I am working through, and I had/am having some depression, it has made the summer a bit of a downer.

Just a few summer highlights:

I celebrated my 35 birthday. We had the party a few days later, thanks to my working and the Canucks (still a sore We had a few ppl in the park, and it was a nice party.

My sister graduated the end of June, and we had such a fun party!! Lots of people came to help her celebrate...lots of laughter, and pictures were had! And of course, yummy food! She is now at Bible College in Calgary.

July 1 Long Weekend, we went to my parents, and we camped in the field above their house. It was a nice time, but I didn't sleep on either of the nights. It was still a good time, though. We had a bbq/hot dog roast for Canada Day. I took an extra day off, and we went up to Spahats Falls on the way home.

I helped w/ VBS this year, in July, and we had a good time. The theme was "PandaMania", and it was a real hit w/ the kids. The last day, Friday, I was unable to be there, as my work took us on a "Staff Day" to Sun Peaks. We had a great day, but it was a bit chilly, and not a lot to do, so we came back early.

We went on day trips to my parents a couple of times as well..and I went one day to visit while my cousin and her family were visiting.

The biggest event that happened was that Anker and I went to Victoria over the BC Day Long weekend and the next week. His sister has now moved there, and we have talking about going there nearly since they moved there!! They have finally got a cute little town house/condo, so they said to come on over. We were worried about our car, so we decided to take the bus. I am glad we did, but we did have a few "close calls" w/ missing the bus. It was a beautiful week...and we left Kamloops when it was gorgeous, and we came back to beautiful weather, as well. We had a great time...and all I can say is...I am glad they live there, so we have an excuse to go back!! We would love to live there..soo beautiful!! Had a great week, and we didn't want to come home.

We nearly went camping over the Labour Day Long Weekend, but we ended up just staying home. Neither us were feeling well, and we were afraid that it would be cold at night (we tent camp). We went to the North Thompson Fall Fair...had lunch on Sunday w/ my brother and his wife..and just generally had a great weekend. Our friends also invited us to their place on Monday evening for supper...they live out of the city, on a small acreage. It was a beautiful evening..just laughing and having fun:)

This last weekend, my baby brother came to visit us. He has been wanting to visit for..well, FOREVER..and we decided that this wknd was good. We had a great time..we went to supper to celebrate is bday (his bday was earlier), and we just relaxed on Saturday..we did go and see "Planet of the Apes" in the theatre, and just hung out on Saturday night. Sunday was church...and we went to the park/beach w/ A and K. I have only swam a total of 4 times this summer. I have gone to our local beach 3x and I swam in the ocean while we were away. It was a beautiful weekend, and I think he had a great time.

I have read a few books this Summer. I love Danielle Steel books, so I got "caught up" with her new books, and some of her old ones that I have. I would recommend "Legacy". Even if you don't read her books, this is very good..and it totally encouraged me to "get out" and try new things.

I also watched and I bought "The Help". The movie is amazing, and everyone should watch it. I will attempt to read the book, for the 2nd time.

Speaking of doing new things, I have decided (if I can swing it w/ work) to take a knitting class. I have done knitting YEARS ago, and I really want to try a hobby (scrapbooking is too expensive) this winter. So, it is a 6 wk class starting the end of Sept. I am also w/ a health group-type organization, where I go once a week and excersise. I have decided to try and take out a minimum membership, where I can walk the track, and do some weights, etc.

That is about all for now. I will try and update you on the rest of our life later in the week.


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